TEDxNUS 2016
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TEDxNUS, named after the National University of Singapore (NUS), is a conference organised by a group of young undergraduates who wish to connect people of unrelated backgrounds and diverse life stories. Through inspiring ideas, we aim to enable participants, especially youths, to begin the search for a narrative greater than ourselves.

Held on the 20th of March at NUS, TEDxNUS 2016 is a full-day event open to an audience of about a 100 people, comprising primarily of university staff and students. Through a series of short, powerful talks by invited speakers, we hope to explore the intricacies of this year’s theme, “The Tipping Point”.

As Gladwell coins it, the Tipping point is 'that magic moment when an idea, trend or social behaviour crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire'. There are many issues that lay on the brink of revolution - some have already made the paradigm shift, while others cling on desperately on a cliff's edge. The common denominator in all tipping points? The human being. The individual's change in perspective and mindset, his or her adoption of a new form of technology or embrace of a new trend, his or her compulsion to spread the word on this amazing new way of thinking, working or behaving - This is the essence of tipping points, where small changes making big differences, where the individual affects the collective, where previously indisputable worldviews pave way to new ones.

At this year's inaugural TEDxNUS event, we explore the taboo and the roads less travelled, with the hope of provoking thought and inspiring action around pertinent issues. And perhaps at the end of the day, your change of mind set might be the one that tips the scale, and sparks off a revolution.