Singapore Muslim Students Overseas
By Nabila Abu Talib Follow | Public

The Singapore Muslim Students Overseas (SMSO) is an organisation founded in 2011 that is dedicated to providing a support network for Singaporean Muslim Students around the globe, with the ultimate aim of uniting the same in the spirit of Islam. We are associated with Prophet Muhammad's Birthday Memorial Fund Board, or more commonly referred to as Lembaga Biasiswa Kenangan Maulud (LBKM).

Today, SMSO has progressed from a small welfare and support organisation that has as its aims the above-mentioned goals to one that, in addition to the above, conducts workshops, mentoring programmes as well as other enrichment and fun-filled activities for our members. We have set up close partnerships with other well-established Muslim support organisations for this, and are in the process of building upon our existing programmes to better cater to the reasonable needs of our members.