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A visual Dialogue with Whitewords
12 March 2016 & 13 March 2016
10am to 2pm
4 session - 10am, 11am, 12pm and 1pm
125 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #03-152
Admission is Free
For the very first time, WW is participating in the Singapore Design Week 2016. We will be putting up an exhibition unlike any other - you will not be seeing any works, no fancy projects but just blank open books.
This is an open invitation for individuals to come and create with us. In the form of 6 blank books with different titles/themes – we invite visitors of any age and profession to come and add to these blank open books their ideas, thoughts and or simply to leave a mark. No judgement, no rules and no boundaries. This is an exhibition where the exhibits is slowly being created and formed by the very people viewing them. The concept is to break the perception of viewer versus creator, everyone is the designer, your rules, your marks and your ideas. You decide how everything will pan out.
An exploration of ideas, a collective thought and creative process that takes place in a matter of 2 days, 6 books and endless possibilities from everyone. We want to blur the lines between who is the creative and who is the audience. Everyone is in this project, and at the end of the 2 days – we will be collating all the 6 books and reflections, and will work it into 1 book. This will be the final creation which was created to be created by the people and for the people.
Simply state "OB" on the title of the email and send us your name, date and time you will be coming over to to register your for this event. Due to our limited space and we will close registration upon reaching our quota of visitors.