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@ Jojo’s Music & Arts Cafe we wish to bring the the world’s most interesting destinations to you. We take you travelling through food, music, art and atmosphere.
JoJo’s is a bar-restaurant where the great chef David Thomas, serve haute cuisine to people", because food loves people and people loves food. Everyone who works at JOJO's have high expertise in respective fields.
We love what we do and believe that giving people a curious, innovative and good restaurant experience, can make the world a better place.
If you want to reserve a table you must order the entire menu, but you are also welcome to just drop by and enjoy a cocktail at the bar, and have some samples from the menu.

The entire tasting menu costs N$500 , depending on the ingredients of the day.

The menu is based on the access we have to different fresh and seasonal products, and the chefs mood and desires.

We adjust the bar menu and cocktails to the food we serve, and the tones of the season.

Our wine recommendations are customized to fit the menu from day to day, and the wines are handpicked from both famous and less-known wine regions.
Lunch/BRUNCH (From 10:00) can be ordered at the bar.
Reclaim your day at our communal table, pausing to enjoy the simplicity of fabulous food and good company.
Discover delicious ways of taking a mid day break.
You’ll get drinks for the table, and the chef will bring you your meal when it is ready.

In the evening (18:00 – ) you’ll find a more vibrant and lively atmosphere at JOJO's, with either sharing plates, or our tasting menu consisting of a multiplum of tastes, smart solutions and interesting combinations. We offer a 5 course tasting menu, but you are also welcome to pick whichever of the dishes you’d like. The chefs will bring the dishes in several servings, meaning that there’s always something going on around the table.

The dishes can be adjusted to accommodate different needs.

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