WEEKEND NACHOS (USA) with PRIMITIVE MAN (USA) - Live In Singapore 17th April 2016
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Weekend Nachos is an American powerviolence band from Illinois which began in 2004. After releasing a collection of demos that they had recorded, they continued to release their debut EP, titled Torture as well as other full-length albums Punish and Destroy (2007), Unforgivable (2009), Worthless (2011) and then the fourth full-length album Still (2013) over the next few years.

On 1st January 2016, Weekend Nachos announced that they would be retiring as a band as well as releasing their fifth and final album Apology.

Come 17th April 2016, they will be touring Singapore for the very first time, but sadly also the last ... On this very much anticipated Singapore show, they will be bringing along their friends death sludge / funeral punk band PRIMITIVE MAN from Denver. DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!!