West Coast Alumni Club of Japan
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The West Coast Alumni Club of Japan(http://www.westcoast-acj.org) is an inter-university organization run by graduates from leading universities from the West Coast of the USA, such as USC, UC Berkeley, Stanford, and UCLA.

Along with traditional alumni networking we sponsor various seminars, as well as organize networking events, all providing support to students interested in attending West Coast Universities. We connect alumni, and students, to create new friendships, and forge new opportunities.

We also offer assistance in the introduction of advanced North American business models into the Japanese market, and also provide venture capital business support for entrepreneurial ventures aimed towards international expansion.

Our goal is to enrich, and cultivate the professional, and social lives of busy young university alumni living in Japan through active participation in West Coast Alumni Club events.

Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/westcoastacj.

West Coast Alumni Club of Japanはアメリカ西海岸の主要大学の卒業生で運営する、インターナショナルで活気溢れる合同組織です。




またユニークな組織プロフィール・ネットワーク力を生かし、多くの大手企業様と日本最大のインターナショナルネットワーキングイベントWest Coast Nightを通じてコラボレーションを実現しております。