Finansto Sdn Bhd
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FINANSTO provides a range of professional training in various fields and industries, including Oil & Gas,
Automotive, Banking & Finance, Construction, Energy & Utilities, Food & Beverage, Government,
Information Technology, FMCG, Mining, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Logistics & Transport,
Telecommunication to better equip organisations with the skills and knowledge needed for growth and expansion.
This includes practical and theoretical training in which we engage accomplished speakers with
a wealth of knowledge and experience to impart their wisdom to your organisation in the most
personalised and professional approach.

At FINANSTO, we do not believe in standing still.
Just as we empower our clients to grow, we are fully aware of the importance of FINANSTO’s personal growth.
Therefore, we periodically update and improve FINANSTO’s courses and services to meet
the ever changing corporate world.
It is FINANSTO’s philosophy to never compromise the quality and integrity of all our services.
It is our aim to continuously strive for excellence and relevance.
It is FINANSTO’s promise to provide the best for the benefit of all our clients.
A vibrant and dynamic training provider with a vision towards the future,
FINANSTO is truly competent and professional.