Terminal 3 Travel & Work Remotely
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Travel and Work Remotely for Six Months in Six Countries

Terminal 3 takes a group of people to Travel, Work and Explore, In six months we visit six countries, spending a month at each. The group will consist of remote workers, startups, freelancers and anyone with the flexibility to take their job on the road.

When: Terminal 3 launches in June 2016


June - Lisbon, Portugal
July - Morocco
August - Istanbul, Turkey
September - Seoul, South Korea
October - Hanoi, Vietnam
November - Cape Town, South Africa

The above provisional itinerary may be subject to change.


Terminal 3 is aimed at:
- Digital nomads
- Freelancers
- Startups
- Entrepreneurs
- Anyone with a remote job

Anyone who has a job, why not ask your manager if you can work remotely!


For a monthly payment of £1,200 you get:
- Central Accommodation
- Central cowork space
- Weekly yoga classes
- Weekly language classes
- Travel between all destinations
- Local impact days
- and much more.

NB: Once accepted a payment of £2,000 will secure your spot, places are limited!
Applications are now open.

Click here to apply and join a group of like minded people travelling and work remotely across the world.

WE TRAVEL not to escape life

BUT FOR LIFE not to escape us

For any questions please contact hola@terminal3.co
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