Natural Healing and Holistic Health
By Zoe Tang Follow | Public

This is a group for anyone, whether single or married, who believe in healing our bodies the natural way. Here, we will share with our participants that natural way to strengthen your immunity system and prevent diseases. Where there is disease, we advocate natural healing that would treat the roots, and not just its symptoms of the disease.

Examples of the type of activities held:-

1. Health Talks


- kids' nutrition

- detoxification

- cancer prevention (Gerson Therapy)

- natural skincare

- weight loss

2. Makan sessions

- usually vegetarian or vegan

3. Retreats

4. Book discussions

5. 'Cooking' demonstrations

There is a soul-mind-body connection and so will include activities like:-

6. Meditation sessions

7. Yoga practice

8. Skype workshops