The Travel of Art
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Begin your creative journey here...We promise to create holidays and experiences that are filled with colours, passion, creativity, and some amazing fun-filled moments.

What is this really about? We organise ‘Art Holidays’ along side some beautiful locations, unexplored homestays and unique activities.

For we believe, there is more to travel than just sightseeing and adventure. And, there is of course more to the passive experience of gazing at glorious masterpieces in a gallery.

So, if you are a dab hand with a paintbrush or craft and paper, then you might want to consider a holiday that helps you improve your art skills.

And, even if you aren’t an artist try your hand at creativity. They say it’s therapeutic.

You can follow timeless work of some of the greats. These greats are local artists, who over the years have tried to preserve traditional art forms.

And, we’ll take you to their homes, their landscapes to explore these art forms through workshops, where you can learn a trick or two, and come back home with your handmade souvenir.

What's more? We give you the local flavour with unique travel activities like adventure trails, food experiences and gorgeous homestays. In sort, we promise to give you the break you deserve.

It’s not just holidays. We believe that one can unwind with art anytime, anywhere. And, that’s why we invite great artists to your city for a one-on-one art workshop to give you the local flavour.

And, as a service we extend ourselves to artists by helping them showcasing their work through The Travel of Art’ travelling store. We are ‘Art on Wheels’, and we move from one exhibition to the other with work from some of the new-age and traditional artists by giving them a platform, and help them reach out their work to people across India.

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