ANIMA Learning
By Ted Follow | Public

Within each of us lies an original spark, a mysterious impulse that turns matter into motion and draws breath into the body. It’s the same force that pushes a weed through concrete, guides a salmon upstream, and leads a caterpillar to its cocoon. It’s what leads us to grow, to search, to smile, to reach for another. It’s life’s resounding “Yes!” to the question “Am I here?” It’s Anima.

ANIMA Learning programs honor that spark and feed its full fruition. We design and deliver interactive experiences to call forth the wisdom of individuals and the shared intelligence of groups.

Our programs bust open traditional limits by integrating four related streams:

* Growth Mindset
* Contemplative Practice
* Applied Improvisation
* Positive Reinforcement

We reinvigorate your natural curiosity and help you find new levels of courage, creativity and connection.

We’re all born to learn. ANIMA helps you rediscover—and reactivate—that truth.