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人生には夢が必要。日本の元気に向けて情報共有して行きたい。そして夢実現の仕掛け研究も行う。「何があっても生き残れる自分自身の稼ぐ力」をテーマに夢実現の法則をセミナーで展開している。最近は「iPhone iPadをカッコ良く使いこなす」セミナーや「達人養成講座」を主催。とくにiPhone、iPadで夢実現の仕掛け作りを推進している。



iPhone iPadの活用については自ら検証、アプリ開発も始める。




I think that a dream is important for life. 
And that there is a method in realizing the dream. 

Start about a new activities in iPad and iPhone. Developing Apps.
I feel "Person's connection" that exceeds the organization in Facebook because it does.  
Moreover, the connecting and contact of Facebook and business is my study.
The useful market which uses social exchange is being made in the Internet.

The law of dream realization is developed on the seminar theme of "The power which you can survive" .
And the training which mastering iPhone iPad with a sufficient parenthesis are sponsored.

I built systems with unix server at UDTrucks VolvoGroup.
Learn in the BBT Graduate School and the business strategy.
I have worked for the management planning and the customer strategy section.
The training of next generation and promotion of logical Thinking.
I work for project as new systems in the company.

I was deeply moved to hear the tune of American charts at the elementary school. After that, it is crazy about Beatles. I made guitars with oneself at the high school, create the pickup by my self. I major in the engineering acoustics at the university.
Found Eric Clapton, and the band activity was started. I met "Kaze Toshi" that legend with changes a pop scene in Japan.

【 About Friending 】
If there is no face photo and no self introduction.
Not possible to approve.

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