Zhineng Qigong Singapore
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Zhineng Qigong (智能气功) is a medical system of qigong developed by Grandmaster Dr. Pang Ming in the 1970s and 1980s as a synthesis of many ancient lineages of Chinese healing practices.

This style of qigong was originally developed for use in the world’s largest Chinese "medicine-less hospital", and is now practiced widely throughout the world. The Wisdom Healing Qigong style (also known as Chi-Lel Qigong) is characterized by group practice, with practitioners "organizing the Chi Field," a technique they believe enhances healing. The style employs a comprehensive system of qigong movement, meditation, visualization, sound vibration healing, chanting, and spiritual awareness techniques for healing.

Our teachings and practice have spread to many parts of the world, including Germany, Belgium, Austria and South-East Asia.