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Around the World in 80 Days is a three-piece band formed in 2009. It’s impossible to compare their music with anything. The guys just play whatever they want and don’t care about genres, styles and cliches. Musical tastes of the members of the band are different so everyone tries to bring something special to their music.
They started with EP “World Around Me” in 2011, which is still one of the most popular. In October 2014 the band recorded their first album “Euphoria” and went to a big tour through all of Russia and had a great success.
AW80D shared a scene and supported a lot of famous bands: God Is An Astronaut, Maybeshewill, Moving Mountains, And So I Watch You From Afar ect. Also in 2010 they played a tour with “Karusell” theatre in Germany.
The AW80D show is always a massive sound wave which covers your body and touches your heart.

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