'INITIATION' A Jazz Ensemble Composition Showcase
By Kuek Jia-Qi Follow | Public

Hello there!!

We're Jeffrey & Eugene from Singapore. We're currently preparing for our debut concert, 'INITIATION'. This is a project started earlier this year, we understudied under Singapore's famous arranger and composer Felix Phang. 'INITIATION' is an original New-melodic Jazz showcase organised by us, of course. New-melodic Jazz entails the freedom of an improviser to communicate through a series of melodies that excites and captivates the listener allowing them to experience a new sonic approach to hearing music phrases. 'INITIATION' will not just present Jeffrey and Eugene's compositions Felix's understudy, Caleb Koa will be presenting 2 songs that he wrote for 'INITIATION' too! We've invited top musicians from Singapore to perform for us, such as drummer Aaron James Lee, keyboardist Audrey Tengkey, keyboardist Eugene Ang and so on.

We'll be showcasing 2 different bands performing 12 contrasting jazz-fusion compositions. 2 of which are composed by Caleb Koa.

Remember to get it as soon as you can before it's sold out!! =))

Jeffrey & Eugene