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Gakken was established in 1946 by the late founder and educator, Hideto Furuoka based on his vision and passion for education.

Today, Gakken has become Japan's leading provider of educational books, teaching materials, stationery, educational toys and much more. Gakken has a proven record for Reading Skills, Thinking Skills and Academic Achievements. It has 15,000 Gakken Classrooms, 500,000 members, 720 schools in Japan.

From the day it was founded, Gakken had always focused it’s business direction based on “Education”. With that direction in mind, Gakken now publishes both books and magazines in areas of entertainment, hobbies, practical utilities, and cultural interests. Gakken is aware of the evolving lifestyle of its readers from time to time, thus is now expanding innovatively by introducing the “Gakken Classroom”. The Gakken Classroom is a teaching tool capable of having access to all Gakken teaching tools and publications.

Gakken Classroom Philosophy :
Using educational materials that cater to students’ individual strengths, our educational classrooms help develop children‘s scholastic confidence while supporting them in discovering the joy of learning.

Tutoring System:
1. Individualized Learning - Our learning method is tailor-made to each student's grasping ability
2. Intensive Learning
3. Repetitive and consistency learning

Gakken Classroom Objectives:
1. Fostering fundamental knowledge in Science and Math
2. Nurturing self-learning attitude and capability
3. Customized learning system to enable the students to learn at their own pace.
4. Creating fun and exciting edutainment environment