Harumi Ishiguro
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Hai ! Thank you for your access to me !My name is HARUMI ISHIGURO . I was a musical actress for 13years. I like dancing, singing, and body action. So, I acted fight-Sean,and Ninja with Japanese blade.That was so exiting & interesting !But, one day…my knee was broken…
I was lost my job, and my dream,too… I wanted to get a job!I need (website hidden), I chose to job of coach in Fitness club.This time was the turnaround point of my life. Worst is the best start!
Now! I am Fitness and Beauty up coach, for 20years ! And just now , parsonal consultant ,too. And I am a dancer of Hula ! I love Hula ! Hula is life ☆I enjoying my life with my husband and meny friends !!!