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My name is Kaung Myat Tun and my friends call me kaunggyi. I was borned in Mandalay that is the old city of Myanmar on 8 March 1982. But it can be said that Mandalay is only my birth place since most of my life has been spent in Yangon. When I was 2 years old, I moved to Sittwe City because my father transferred to Sittwe University. I think I was there for 1 or 2 years but i cannot remember all of that time in Sittwe. According to my father and mother, I attend Sunday School at there in Church only in my 3 years old.

Then we family moved to Yangon, that is the capital of Myanmar until 2008, when I was 4 years old . I had lived in South Okkalapa until my middle high school. Although I did not remember all of my childhood days, I believe that I played a lots outside and had fun around the neighbor and schools. I have lots of friends who played with me all the time in my childhood. They all are my best friends until now. We moved again, but inside of Yangon, to MyinTha after we sold out our home in South Okkalapa. Actually I am very happy to move around like this. I attended BEMS 4 South Okkalapa from my elementary to middle high school(6STD).

We had to move to Taunggyi when I was in middle high school(7STD) for one year. Taunggyi is a nice place to live and the town is very clean compared with Yangon. But I only stayed there for a year. I came back to Yangon again for my high school and I attended in BEHS 2 Kamayut. I graduated my high school from BEHS 2 Kamayut.

I went to Thanlyan Technical College for 2 years and I had to go to Japan since my father had to go to Japan for research study in Kyoto University. And so I have been to Japan for about 3 years from Oct 2002 to Sept 2005. I studied some Japanese and did part time job in Restaurants. Although it was a hard time in Japan, I got many experiences from that.

I came back to Yangon on Sept 2005 and started studying Computer Science in KMD Computer Center. I finally graduated from London Metropolitan University in 2009. I joined Myanmar DCR that is Japanese Company in 2008. I have to go to Japan on project based for 2 times in 2010.

Now I am living in Yokohama, Japan.

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