Katousha Show
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Writer, Creator, Director & Producer : Mohamed Toe from Cirque du Soleil

KATOUSHA! is a magical word with a worldwide meaning about love and beauty, in Africa means princess, in Russia means little pure one (innocence), honor, dream & beauty in Japan means headband, accesory usually used by young girls to look pretty & beautiful; also [Katyusha no uta] is a japanese song, which was highly popular in early 20th century
. All around the world you will feel the amazing good energy of [Katousha] that is as well considered one of the most splendid names.

The director of this show, LAWAGOULE MOHAMED TOE, felt specially inspired by the beautiful meaning and energy of [Katousha], he created the show's story in a fascinating way mixing the meaning and his own interpretation of [Katousha], giving life to an amazing theatrical show where " LOVE & BEAUTY "can change everybody's world.

This is an unforgettable and breath taking 80mins of theater that includes:

------>Astonishing pole dancing show
------>Spectacular aerial performance
------>Sensual burlesque dance
------>Marvelous belly dance show
------>Fantastic theater acting along with a surprising and beautiful music to compliment the show!


**************TICKET INFORMATION**************

VIP// 6000 Yen (Reservation Required, phone or email) you can choose your seat and enjoy the show close to the stage.

Normal// 5000 Yen

Online Tickets// http:katousha.peatix.com

Reservations// katoushashow@gmail.com