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Meatsmith SG......
Think big Southern Pride American smokers, think Blacksmith, think meat……….
The guys behind the No.30 in the San Pellegrino Asia’s 50 Best 2015 winners Burnt Ends SG launched "Meatsmith SG" Feburary 2015 #meatloversheaven.
Situated on the very popular and busy Telok Ayer street, this Modern Smokehouse caters to both lunch and dinner trade, with a highly skilled bar that stocks craft beers, cocktails, bourbons and the infamous pickle backs.

Think Blacksmith for the interior with two large authentic smokers flown in from the states, plus a dedicated cool room for charcuterie. Meatsmith has its very own all American boy, head chef Andrew Baldus. Baldus and sous chef Alysia Chan are both still fresh from a tour of the US BBQ Trail and are fully aware of what is expected!

Meatsmith is an 85-seated casual diner (54 seats inside and 31 seats outside), with bench seating and communal tables. The restaurant has a fun atmosphere so you can eat, drink and unwind listening to rockabilly; smoke house blues and California rock.