Fujita Nobuhiro
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なお、"TransMedica Osaka"というのは翻訳事務所の名称であり、わたくしが翻訳学習のために通学したところ。現在は社長さんが引退されたため閉校になっています。


I am a full-time translator. Born in Hyogo prefecture and now live in Osaka, Japan.

My language pairs: English<>Japanese (native), Deutsch>Japanisch
My preferred fields: Medical, medical devices, pharmaceutical products, life science, environments, marketing, legal and business.

"TransMedica Osaka" means the former translation agency/school where I have received on-the-job training for several years.

My hobbies include listening to a wide variety of musics (from Rock music to Bangla music), reading motivational books and driving a vehicle.

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