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TEDxPetaling Street是大中华圈外即大马首个中文TEDx,由一群熱爱大马的义工策划, 我们的宗旨是提供一個具有影响力,让人分享点子的平台,让大马的创新者、领导者、改革者、与梦想家,有机会向世界分享他們的熱情与理想。在活动中,我們鼓励參加者多多分享他們的ideas & inspirations, 期望能以最生动,活泼的语言, 传神地叙述他们近年來所遇,最感人的本土大马故事。我们相信TEDxPetalingStreet能提供一个平台,让参与者互相激荡、加速great ideas的传播与应用。

TEDxPetalingStreet is the first Chinese spoken event in Malaysia. This was a vision shared by those who believed that the art of story telling is further refined if conveyed in native mother tongue. More so, if the stories evoke positivity, passion and creative ideas that transform the speaker’s life.

TEDxPetalingStreet hope to spread the word out by gathering many talented Malaysian with such of these stories and give them an opportunity to spread their ideas and passion with others.