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I worked for BOOKOFF for 13 years.
「Do you know "BOOKOFF"?」
"BOOKOFF" is No.1 used bookstore chain in the world. The number of stores is over 1,000.
I was serving as president and CEO of a BOOKOFF subsidiary for 6 years.
I also experienced twice the launch of the E-Commerce site.
I left the job in March 2012.

I established a company and launched a new business in Singapore in January 2013.
I work for Bakumatsu Singapore Pte.Ltd. as Director now.
This company is a Japanese Media Company
which focused on publishing free magazines and operating web media.
We cater planning and managing events for the executives to make it more organized, effective and efficient.
We have worked with the 50,000 company's executives in japan.
If you are interested in having business partners in japan you may contact us.
We are willing to help you.

My dream is to achieve a big success in the Asean market.

中川 正道/Masamichi Nakagawa (March)





2004年、新規事業として、中古文庫専門のネットショップ『文庫OFF』をOPENさせる。話題となり、「Yahoo! Internet Guide」誌のWeb of the Year 2004新人賞を受賞。最初の2年間は大赤字に苦しむも、黒字化させる。3年で売上は20倍に。





Born on 6 October 1979. Graduated from Keio University. My major is business and commerce.

1999, met the founder of BOOKOFF Corporation, aspiring entrepreneurs road.

2000, I was the first manager of the store at 246 Sangenjaya BOOKOFF. It did not go well with the staff, shift manager in just three months. Tasted the frustration.

2001, by Student BOOKOFF projects, with a capital of 30 million established in BOOKOFF KEIO Corporation as a strategic subsidiary. Appointed President and CEO. The newly opened store,Yukigayaotsuka BOOKOFF ,was large successful.

2002, from creating the homepage of Student BOOKOFF projects , I was interest in the Internet.

2004, as a new business, made a net shop "BUNKOOFF" specializing in used paperback. Became a hot topic, award-winning rookie of the Journal of Web of the Year 2004 "Yahoo! Internet Guide". Was suffering from a large deficit for the first two years, turning a profit. Sales 20 times in three years.

2005,BOOKOFF Corporation's stock listed on the First Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

2007, merged to BOOKOFF Corporation BOOKOFF KEIO Corporation. I was retired as president for six years. Be integrated with the business BUNKOOFF and BOOKOFF ONLINE , I moved to BOOKOFF ONLINE. Be responsible for marketing and logistics. Sales 10 times in four and a half years.

2012, left job at BOOKOFF Corporation. From April I have studied in Singapore for nine months.

2013, After studying , I established a company and launched a new business in Singapore. I work for Bakumatsu Singapore Pte.Ltd. as Senior Executive Director.

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