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I used to be Core Contributor for OpenSolaris,you know,I was famous with OpenSolaris for Eee PC,one of the OpenSolaris project porting OpenSolaris for cheaper netbook welcoming beginners.

I walked a long long way to contribute OpenSolaris project with former Sun guys and other OSOL contributor but it has been change huge since Oracle acquired Sun.OpenSolaris was killed by Oracle - now Oracle Solaris was re-born by them.

last year I made up my mind - resigning OSOL Contributor.since all of OSOL Governance board members resigned.the board has had no activities at all.I still leave my blog for OpenSolaris for Eee.Now I have no activities for 'OpenSolaris' though I now using - OpenIndiana-based Cloud - works good for me.

What now I am looking into? now looking into many IT technologies - hadoop,Arduino,Android,Open Hardware….many things :-p ah now I am MacGEEK! replaced all OSOL and Unix PCs with Mac.Okay,now going GREAT!

I founded Japanese Raspberry PI User managing
UG according to my knowledges learning from OpenSolaris Community and Art of Community by Jono Bacon.I too much welcome joining IT beginners,Gaijin-sans to my UG.

All friends requests are welcome and appreciate for me,and I much appreciate if you could accept my friend requests.

I would NOT accept my colleagues(CTC) except someone in general,because it is a personal SNS NOT for my business in my sorry for understanding.also please check my note written about my friendship policy for my colleagues.!/note.php?note_id=1693277545089






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