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Hi I am Michael I am a New Zealand lawyer who has been in Japan off and on since 1992. Find all mine & display all your online places at http://xeeme.com/michaelqtodd
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Recovering Kiwi lawyer and know it all into juggling & daily #lifegasm. Author & love promoter.

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Love our planet, rejection, juggling, tequila, yoga,TED talks, kimchee & more
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Living a totally extraordinary life in Tokyo, Japan. Coaching people how to make money on the internet, living the dream, helping my friends get healthy, stopping the CO2 level rising!

1.I once chopped down all the asparagus in our garden when I was 8.Did not like the smell and colour of my wees after eating it. Sorry Dad
2.I love juggling and teaching people to juggle
3.I only fly very sparingly these days (once every year is what we should all stick to) but have been lucky enough to visit and have friends from many countries.The more I learn the more I realise that we are all connected
4.I love any kind of sport especially golf and have been down to a 4 handicap.Now 5. I was ranked #3 in tennis for New Zealand when I was 13.I can also ski and snowboard pretty good.I am a sportsman!I have my parents to thank for encouraging this when I was young
5.I am 47 going on 6.When I was 1 I had just begun.........Now I am 6 I want to stay 6 forever and ever
6.I went by mountain bike from Singapore to London on a shostring budget (including no alcohol) with a girlfriend 20 years ago.It took 9 months.We lived! We had adventures that you can only dream of.
7.I have been twice laid out flat paralysed by Reiters syndrome.I have received steroid pulsing treatment and bottles and bottles of terrible medicines.At a different time my left eye froze and I had cortizone steroid injections 10 days straight.I still have 20/20 vision
I was told by doctors that I would not walk again nor see out of that eye.I no longer take any medication
8.My wonderful Dad died in September 2008.On his deathbed I had a fantastic spritual connection with my younger and much more spiritual brother.Since then I have explored my past lives and have done a lot of thinking.
9.I played social rugby in Tokyo till I moved to Brisbane , Australia recently and will play again when I go back. With a great group of French,South African,Japanese and New Zealand guys.Some people say I am too old to be doing this.That makes me laugh.
10.I am a life member of XL Results Foundation.We are a group of about 1,500 entrepeneurs who recognize that governments and companies will do nothing for poverty nor the environment.I am a star profile.

11.I used to collect frogs on the way home from primary school and release them in our house.Sorry Mum
12.When possible I follow the eating patterns of a raw food vegan
13.I stayed at University for 6 years because I could not bear the thought of leaving.Was having too much fun
14.I speak fast but grammatically inept Japanese.I can listen to nearly all of it.The most important thing right!

15.I am determined to leave the planet better than when I found it.I am only a guest here
16.I love fasting.Have done a 10 day water only fast 7 times now and do it 3 times a year and even give up my beloved supplements.Great detox.I swear my hair has got thicker since then and my asthma has all but vanished.I no longer get colds
17.I love public speaking and cannot say enough about Toastmasters.It also teaches you to lead which a lot of people do not realise.When I speak I am leading,educating and energetic
18.I love meeting people and I love my life and the community we are creating and seeing the ongoing development that people up down and around me are making
19.Wow this getting tough!My life is not so interesting!

Ok.I am new to it but I love the internet mainly for the fact that is rapidly breaking down national borders and hatred and giving the chance to anyone to do business with anyone anywhere. What we are doing in our Social Media marketing community Ganxie http://bit.ly/ganxienote is a great example of the power of the Internet
20.I have had 2 near death experiences so I treasure my time.I got rid of TV a long time ago.How many friends have you met by watching TV?
21.I have unconditional love for all those that have wronged me in the past.
22.I love music and own over 1000 albums.I play guitar a bit and would love to be a great dancer
23.I have been blessed by my legal education,my robust health and great life experiences.I firmly believe it is time to give back.I believe that the best way to do this is by studying up about all the various free tools available and harnessing the power of the internet
24.I will very probably base myself in Tokyo for the rest of my life.I feel drawn to the place.No day is ever the same and there are always questions to be answered.I am a country kid from New Zealand who loves living in places like this and London.Confused?.Me too!
25.I am awesomely grateful and I love the power that gives me