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Urm,actually,i don't really know how to describe about myself...

If say something good then people think I'm bossy, if say something bad, reputation gone. I have people that will tell me I'm perfect...that i'm good at everything i do. Of course this isn't true, and i have tons of things that i would love to change about myself.

But i was just thinking over some things (as usual)...the reason i have such a low self-esteem is not because i'm deprived of compliments...it's who they come from.

My friends are usually supportive...and i'm thankful for that, and i'm really not trying to take advantage of that and vice versa

*I'll never intentionally hurt someone

*I would put my friends and family before anything i do

*I try to make people happy, even if it means hurting myself in the process

*I'm not afraid to cry

*I'm not vain

*I try not to be selfish

*I will always support my friends

*When ppl need help,i try to be there for them

*I forgive

*I truly care about the people around me, and i would probly do anything for you

*I've gotten through a lot of rly horrible crap

*I'm Down to Earth, Guy With Attitude

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