Paul Consalvi
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"Facilitating Cross Cultural Approaches to Strategy & Innovation"

Paul has 25 years in Japan holding senior positions at ING Barings Bank and Mitsubishi Oil Company as well as starting up a number of ventures. His deep understanding of large and small enterprises is significant for large enterprises who are trying to innovate. His wealth of experience include: Contracts and negotiations, international business, online communities, event marketing, and strategic partnerships.

Paul`s venture company Next Unit manages and These two networks include over 160 area specific websites generating more than 4.5 million page views per month. He is always on the look out for strategic partners in the areas of local search and social media marketing.

Paul founded Japan Solutions which offers a wide selection of Seminars & Workshops run by Experienced Business Professionals that improve the skills necessary to successfully communicate and conduct Business in a globally competitive environment. Paul specializes in management training for effective multicultural teams. His workshops actually train teams how to utilize diversity to become highly effective.

Paul also founded Tokyo Business English to address concerns of SOCIALLY-CONSCIOUS GLOBAL BUSINESSMEN and BUSINESSWOMEN interested in the future of Japan. Tokyo Business English has three objectives:

1) To engage ambitious thinkers and doers by offering appropriate settings to expand and diversify their personal networks in a meaningful way.

2) To enrich personal experiences by bringing together people from different cultures to exchange and influence opinions, build better understanding and define the major global challenges facing Japan.

3) To encourage the pursuit of innovative solutions to the challenges brought about by "globalization" by creating a high inquiry and high advocacy culture and using frameworks to organize thoughts and extract meaningful messages.