Hero Iwao
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Kimihiro (Hero) Iwao, Trade Commissioner with Canadian Embassy in Tokyo, was graduated from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a B.A. in Geography and from New York Institute of Technology with an M.B.A. in Management.


Ever since he first studied geography at college, Hero has been thrilled to think of a wide range of earth’s physical and social events, temporal changes in landscape and climate, global warming, desertification, human-induced spatial modifications, deforestation, science and technology development, and even arts and history all in relation to human economic or political activities in international scale. More than two decades later, today, he now plays a key role at a governmental organization of developing international trade and investment between the North America and Japan. And, he continues envisioning himself the most instrumental catalyst who is enhancing intercultural communications between East and West towards realizing the perfect cooperation in the economic and the political relationships.

Hero began his international career when he became a university student in the United States back in 1993. To date, he has amassed tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise in liaising between the US, Europe, and Asia, in the areas of businesses, researchers and politicians. He primarily practiced these through various works with the governments in the US, Canada, Norway, and Japan as a trade business officer, computer programmer, geographic information systems (GIS) analyst, news editor, etc. He is proud that he contributed to generating many bilateral business alliances, MOUs, technology licensing, and R&D collaborations through vigorous market research and negotiation.

Keeps studying and working hard to upgrade career in the government sector.

Specialties: Relationship Building, Official Event Planning & Management, Strategy Planning, Business Alliance, Market Access & Trouble-shooting, Marketing, Analytical Thinking for Macroeconomic and Business Market, Intercultural Communications, Bilateral Trade and Liaison, Business Delegation, Project Design & Planning, Decision-making, GIS Development and Implementation, GIS Quality Control, Engineering, Business Development, GPS Survey and Target Marketing.