Adam Khoo: How to Confidently Invest & Grow Your Money by Picking the Right Stocks

Meet Adam Khoo Live in Penang

An Event That Brings You Closer To Your Financial Goals. If You Dream of Achieving Financial Success and Retiring Rich, Learn How To Create, Multiply, Manage and Protect Your Wealth through Asia's Powerful Wealth Creation Programme.

Do you find yourself working too hard for too little in a job and you are frustrated by the lack of growth in your income or opportunities?

And it's no secret that everything is rapidly getting more expensive whether you like it or not.

Your retirement savings are slowly being 'eaten up' by inflation and your golden years are at risk!

Like me I'm sure you have heard people complaining all day and simply go on doing what they have been doing for years until it becomes financially too painful and late for regrets.

You Are Not Alone … But it's Time To Change All That

And the only way to secure your future is to create additional sources of income that constantly works even when you stop working.

Have you ever wondered how some people almost always make more money despite their age, experience or background?

The Secret is...There is No Secret!

The real answer lies in a certain formula that works when it comes to creating true wealth. These millionaires before you who started from nothing swear by these rules – not luck or connections.

The Smarter & Faster Way Increase Your Income & Quality of Life

Time is money. We all know that.

But the BIGGEST misconception about money is that people have to exchange time for money … like working in a job or having to work in additional jobs for more money.

It's here at the Financial Growth Summit that you forever change the way you look at money and learn how to set your path for more wealth while doing less so that you truly enjoy the fruits of labor.

Think about having more time and freedom to spend with your loved ones without having to stress about making ends meet.


Renowned Author & Asia's #1 Success Coach

Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

A national bestselling author, an award-winning entrepreneur and self-made millionaire investor by the age of 26, Adam has personally trained and mentored more than half a million people from all walks of life – including students, retirees, working professionals, top CEOs and even homemakers. Today, Adam passionately shares his exact proven and simple investing formula that helped many of his students achieve financial freedom just like he did so many years ago.

Many of his students were shocked to discover how easy it is to create a recurring passive income just by learning ONE of his strategy. Adam also teaches uncomplicated and powerful investing techniques which amateur investor students used to pull in the right stocks that outperform professional traders by 14.57%.

Here's just a fraction of what you will lean when you come down …

• Discover how you can invest in the stock market with your eyes literally blindfolded and still generate an average of 12.7% returns on your investments. (Once you learn this secret, you'll be questioning yourself why you haven't started investing 10 years ago)

• The #1 investing secret strategy which you absolutely have to remember when you attend. (Even if you choose to forget everything else, this technique alone will guarantee your first taste of investing success)

• The exact steps to take if you want to instantly outgrow your current income and create a lifelong stream of passive returns. (Let your money work harder for you so you can truly enjoy the lifestyle you've always dreamt of)

✔ Discover real case studies of ordinary people creating millionaire returns in 3 - 5 years

✔ How to invest safely and steadily with a minimum capital starting as low as $100 without complicated charts or theories

✔ Get access to practical advice and tips on the market outlook by industry experts

✔ Save previous time/resources and learn from past mistakes. Follow only systems that actually work

✔ Take home free practical tools and resources that most people have no access to

✔ How to make your money work harder for you so you have more time doing what you love

Tue Jul 28, 2015
7:30 PM - 10:00 PM MYT
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Cititel Hotel, Penang
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66 Jalan Penang, 10000 Penang. Malaysia
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