Men In Action

Creative Thoughts in Conjunction with Aliwal Arts Night Crawl 2015

MEN IN ACTION is a creative collaboration between Mervin Wong (Musician), Calvin Goh (Choreographer) and Nicholas Leong (Dancer) for new inspiration to explore new ideas and dynamic in creative arts making. Inspired by Benjamin Britten’s Elegy for solo viola (1930), the trio hopes to explore the ideas of isolation, and the search for identity. In spite of being more connected in today’s ever evolving world of social media, we are more isolated than ever. Have we lost that human touch? Real connectivity? Who am I? Who are you? Who are we?

Creative Thoughts Series

Creative thoughts is a platform where artists from different fields come together to integrate and challenge new boundaries in arts making, so as to realise new emerging ideas, thoughts, and experiences. It is an initial step for these artists to share their creative development, showcasing their initial findings of their research and exploration, hoping to solicit constructive criticism from the audience. With much debate, contemplation and reflection, artists will further enhance their works and continue their journey in discovering new possibilities and potential.

Calvin Goh (Choreographer)

A Dance Artist with ODT Main Company, Calvin has been under the tutelage of Dr Danny Tan since 2005. He was promoted from ODT young company, underwent apprenticeship at Main Company and had completed a 3-year dance internship programme with ODT. Calvin has been ODT Dance Ambassador for numerous performances in Asia and Europe. A talented dancer armed with a Diploma in Applied Drama and Psychology, Calvin has performed in lead roles at notable ODT performances such as ‘Hi Heaven!’ and ‘Fervour’ , 'Om' and 'Clouding' since 2011. Some of his many outstanding performances are Germany based choreographer Wu Chun-Hsien's ‘Emptiness – The Structure of Air (Luftstruktur)’ and Dr Danny Tan's acclaimed work ‘9th Element’.

Mervin Wong (Violist)

Mervin has been appointed as an Associate Artist (Intern) with the Odyssey Dance Theatre recently and has since being involved in several interesting programmes. As part of the 4th Summer DanceFit Festival, Mervin has helped to coordinate three programmes of music performances. Mervin’s interest lies in the exploration of multi-disciplinary art forms in music. Mervin graduated at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts with a Diploma in Music Performance and is currently studying at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (NUS). Mervin has collaborated with prominent local groups and artists for both chamber as well as orchestral music. Some of these groups include the Singapore lyric Opera Orchestra, Ding Yi Music Company, re:mix, The Philharmonic Orchestra.

Nicholas Leong (Dancer)

Nicholas had undergone extensive training at ODT Young Company and has been under the tutelage of Dr Danny Tan since 2011. He has performed in several established festivals such as the Biennial Xposition 'O' Contemporary Dance Fiesta. Some notable performances he performed in include ‘Leap of Faith’ (2011), ‘Moments’ (2014) as well as being featured in ‘Seasons’ (as part of DanzINC 2014). Recently he performed in ‘Mapping Minds’ by Lo Pui Sze for ‘Moving Souls’, the closing event of the 4th Summer DanceFit Festival (2015). Nicholas was one of the selected participants for ODT Directors’ Lab in March 2015, working with distinguished choreographers and dancers such as Lee Ming Cheng (Taiwan), Park Na Hoon (South Korea), Wu Chun Hsien (Germany). He travelled with ODT Main Company to Move Off Festival (Italy) in June (2015), performing in Dr Danny Tan’s acclaimed work - ‘9th Element’.

Sat Jul 25, 2015
8:00 PM - 8:30 PM SGT
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