8/20(tue)Hidetaka Ishida × Yuk Hui × Hiroki Azuma "Is a Post-European Philosophy of/in Technology Possible? On Hui's The Question Concerning Technology in China and Ishida and Azuma's New Semiotics." @nulptyx @digital_objects @hazuma


※ 本イベントのトークは英語で行われます。

【Event Outline】

Is a Post-European Philosophy of/in Technology Possible?

We are honored to host eminent Berlin-based philosopher Yuk Hui, who will hold an open discussion on the future of philosophy with Hidetaka Ishida, Honorary Professor at the Univ. of Tokyo, and Hiroki Azuma.

Yuk Hui published The Question Concerning Technology in China (in English, from Urbanomics) in 2016, whose translation into Japanese we at Genron are now working on, in which he argues for the necessity of inventing a new philosophy under which we can analyze the social and cultural problems in/of technology (e.g. artificial intelligence, the smart city, robotics, etc.) beyond the European tradition of thinking on humans and techne (art and/or technology). Ishida and Azuma recently published a long dialogue titled New Semiotics (Shin Kigouron, in Japanese, from Genron) and examined the various philosophical problems and difficulties that emerge between the European tradition of mind theory, from Spinoza to Husserl and Freud, and the actual development of digital media technologies. In this discussion, we will delve into the intersection of these two books’ problematics and explore the invention of a new kind of philosophy, especially under the technological conditions of digital media and the cultural conditions of Asian society.

The talk will last 2 to 2.5 hours. The discussion will follow lectures by Yuk Hui and Ishida. Both the lectures and discussion will be in English.

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New Semiotics (Shin Kigouron, in Japanese, from Genron)


講義 石田英敬+東浩紀
第1講義 記号論と脳科学
第2講義 フロイトへの回帰
第3講義 書き込みの体制(アウフシュライベジステーム)2000
補論 石田英敬
4つの追伸 ハイパーコントロール社会について



【Speaker Introduction】

Yuk Hui(許煜)

Yuk Hui is a philosopher from Hong Kong, currently teaches at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, since 2012 he taught philosophy at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg, where he wrote his Habilitation. He has been a visiting professor at the China Academy of Art and at the School of Creative Media of City University in Hong Kong. He is editor of 30 Years after Les Immatériaux: Art, Science and Theory (2015), and
author of On the Existence of Digital Objects (University of Minnesota Press, 2016), The Question Concerning Technology in China: An Essay in Cosmotechnics (Urbanomic, 2016), and Recursivity and Contingency (Rowman and Littlefield International, 2019). The Introduction of
The Question Concering Technology in China has been translated in Japanese and published at issue 7 to 9 of Genron, and from this Autumn, he will be a regular contributor of Genron.

許煜は香港出身の哲学者。現在バウハウス大学ヴァイマルで教鞭 を執る。2012年よりロイファナ大学リューネブルク校で哲学を 指導し、ハビリタチツィオン(教授資格)を所得。また中国美術学 院および香港都市大学創意媒体学院客員教授。編著書に『30年後の「非物質」展——アート・サイエンス・セオリー』(メゾン・プレス、2015年、共編)、『デジタルオブジェクトの存在について』(ミネソタ大学出版社、2016年)、『中国における技術への問い——宇宙技芸試論』(アーバノミック、2016年)、『再帰性と偶然性』(ローマン&リトルフィールド・インターナショナル、2019年)。『中国における技術への問い』の序論は日本語に翻訳され、『ゲンロン7』から『ゲンロン9』に掲載された。また、この秋から「ゲンロン」の定期連載者となる。

Hidetaka Ishida(石田英敬)

Hidetaka ISHIDA is Emeritus Professor at the University of Tokyo. Philosopher,semiotician and theorist in media studies.
Graduate from the University of Tokyo, Docteur en sciences humaines de l’Université de Paris X, he joined the University of Tokyo in 1992 as an Associate Professor, and named a Professor in 1996. He participated in creation of the Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies (Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies) the University of Tokyo that he served as a Dean 2009-2012.
He edited the japanese translation of Dits et Ecrits de Michel Foucault in ten voliumes(ed. Chikuma Shobo, 1998-2002) and the translation of three volumes of Bernard Stiegler La Technique et le Temps(ed. Hosei University Press 2009-2013). His works in japonese language include, The knowledge of Sign / the knowledge of Media (The University of Tokyo Press, 2003), Contemporary Philosophy (ed. Chikuma Shobo, 2010), Media Theory for adult people(ed. Chikuma Shobo, 2016), New Semiotics(Genron, 2019) and co-direction of three volumes Digital Studies ( The University of Tokyo Press, 2015) .


Hiroki Azuma(東浩紀)

Genron founder Hiroki Azuma is one of the most influential critics in Japan. Born in Tokyo in 1971, he graduated from The University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and received his Ph.D in 1999. He then acted as a part-time lecturer at Keio University, the vice director at the Global Communication Center, International University of Japan, a visiting professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and a professor at Waseda University before founding Genron. His specialties include philosophy, transdisciplinary cultural studies, and information society studies, and he has also been the chief contributor of the opinion section of the Asahi Shimbun, Japan’s newspaper of record (2010-2011). Among his many writings are the domestic best-seller Dobutsuka-suru Postmodern (2001), later translated into 6 languages including English (Otaku: Japan’s Database Animals, University of Minnesota Press, 2007) as well as Ontological, Postal, a book on French modern philosophy (1998, winner of the Suntory Prize for Social Sciences and Humanities), and General Will 2.0 (2011), on political thought. Azuma is also known as a science fiction author, and his Quantum Families (2009) received the 23rd Mishima Yukio Prize. In 2017, his A Philosophy of the Tourist (Genron 0) recieved the 71st Mainichi Prize of Culture. He is constantly active online as well, and his tweets can be read at @hazuma in Japanese, and at @hazuma_en in English.

1971年生まれ。東京都出身。哲学者・作家。専門は現代思想、表象文化論、情報社会論。東京大学大学院総合文化研究科博士課程修了。株式会社ゲンロン前代表、同社で批評誌『ゲンロン』を刊行。著書に『存在論的、郵便的』(新潮社、第21回サントリー学芸賞)、『動物化するポストモダン』(講談社現代新書)、『クォンタム・ファミリーズ』(新潮社、第23回三島由紀夫賞)、『一般意志2.0』(講談社)、『弱いつながり』(幻冬舎)、『新記号論』(共著、ゲンロン、2019)など多数。2017年刊行の『ゲンロン0 観光客の哲学』(ゲンロン)で第71回毎日出版文化賞(人文・社会部門)を受賞、『ゆるく考える』(2019年)、『テーマパーク化する地球』(2019年)ほか多数。


著者ふたりを引き合わせた張本人である、香港の哲学者 ユク・ホイ氏をお招きして、石田英敬氏、東浩紀とともに鼎談イベントをゲンロンカフェにて開催いたします。




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