“The Ōedo Time Slip RIDE”

Let’s RIDE to Asakusa, Yoshiwara, and Nippori!

New Tokyo experience through biking! You can also experience “real BBQ.” Meet at Pillar Cafe on June 7th!

Let’s go on a “RIDE”

“It’s all good when we ride together.”

RIDE is an event where we bike through themed routes as a group.

For example, if the theme is “Sweets RIDE,” we will bike to different restaurants and cafes where we can eat delicious sweets!

Not only you can gain more knowledge on bikes and how to enjoy bike life, it’s also an opportunity to explore what you like or a place you like, and to meet people that you just might click!

June 7th, just in time for Torigoe Festival! – “The Ōedo Time Slip RIDE”

The upcoming RIDE event is held on June 7th (Sunday).

On this day, the annual Torigoe Festival will be celebrated at Torigoe Shrine.

Edokko, or the true Tokyo-lovers born and raised in Edo (former name of Tokyo city), will carry the mikoshi (portable shrine) on their shoulders through town. They’re so high in spirit that this festival is sometimes called the “fighting festival.”

On that note, next RIDE theme is “The Ōedo Time Slip RIDE”

Route digest:

- Experience the liveliness of Edo period at Torigoe Festival

- Bike through Asakusa and Yoshiwara area to explore both cultural and modern Tokyo.

- Visit the bike shop at Nippori only known to fans.

- Rest stop at teashop in Kuramae

- Soar through the crowds in busy areas such as Kanda and Akihabara

(*The route may change according to the number and speed of attendees of that day.)

We will be exploring Tokyo with “the Edo-lover” Eguchi-san as our guide.

The guide that continues to spread the wonders of biking: Eguchi-san from Pillar Cafe

"As an additional option, we have BBQ that will refresh you!"

Pillar Cafe is a bike themed restaurant that welcomes new and old bike lovers out there.

With Kazuhiro Eguchi as our guide, feel his love toward the wonderful town of Ōedo. After biking, cheers over BBQ! We provide “real BBQ” with some serious grillin’! Ice-cold beer, juicy meat, and flavorful veggies tastes even better after a productive day!(BBQ is an option)

No Bicycle, No Problem. We Rent Bikes

"10 rental bikes available at Pillar Cafe"

Any bike other than city bike is OK. For those who do not own one or is too much of a hassle to bring one, Pillar Cafe has 10 rental bikes. Please keep in mind that it’s first come, first serve. If you are participating in the BBQ after the ride, rental fee will be free!(If you are not participating in the optional BBQ, bike rental fee will be ¥3,000.)

※If you need rental bicycle, please entry your height in the form.

Looking forward to see you at Pillar Cafe at June 7th!

"Photo from previous Pillar Cafe hosted RIDE event. "

Meet in front of Pillar Cafe in Shibuya at AM 10:30. After the ride, the plan is to return to the cafe around 5PM. The event is limited to 20 participants. (First come, first serve)We are looking forward to receiving your application!

We plan to bike about 30km. That may seem like quite a distance but there’s barely any up hill and we will also have rest stops. A woman with not much biking experience says, “it’s a pleasant tiredness.” There’s no need to be intimidated!

Day Plan:

1. Meet up, prepare bicycle, and orientation.
Meet in front of Pillar Cafe in the morning. “Say Cheese!”

2. If requested by everyone, we will ride the water-taxi.
We will carry on our bikes with us. (There will be extra free upon riding the water-taxi.)

3. Bike around Asakusa and Yoshiwara
We will visit alley-hidden stores and take routes that will take you back to the old Edo days.

4. Barely any up-hill. Lots of rest stops too.
We plan to bike about 30km but don’t be intimidated!
We will take our time and have a lot of rest stops too.

5. BBQ with the biking nakama!
“Cheers!” at Pillar Café.
Sun Jun 7, 2015
11:00 AM - 5:00 PM JST
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Pillar Cafe
ride fee SOLD OUT ¥1,500
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