24 HR RIDE for Recovery


In support of disaster survivors recovery, we are arranging a 24 HR cycle ride of the TOKYO IMPERIAL PALACE.

Starting at 2.46pm on Saturday the 16th of May we will ride for 24 HRS non-stop. Each HOUR on the HOUR riders will change or continue cycling for as long as they want.

Our goal is to have at least ONE LEAD rider each HOUR for the 24 HRS.

Each rider is asked to have friends, family and work support them in the support of RECOVERY, with proceeds going to OGA for AID (http://www.ogaforaid.org).

来る5月16日午後2時46分に開始し、24時間ノンストップで自転車走行を続けます。チームで1時間毎に走者の交代をしたり、一人の走者が行けるところまで、ひたすら走行を続けたりと、参加の仕方はそれぞれ自由です。目指すゴールは、24時間の間、必ず誰か一人以上の走者が自転車に乗っている状態をキープすることです。サイクルライド参加ご希望の方は、ご家族、ご友人、お勤め先に災害支援を呼びかけてください。このイベントで集まった寄付金は、全て一般社団法人O.G.A. FOR AID (http://www.ogaforaid.org) の災害支援活動費として活用させていただきます。

In the aftermath of a disaster, we work with immediate relief aid organizations, business owners and government officials to identify grass roots npo’s, schools, or small businesses that play a key role in bringing survivors together. These beneficiaries are best suited for implementing recovery programs in their community.

Funds raised for Tohoku will be earmarked for a Minamisanriku cho based program “Place to Grow”.

Funds raised for Nepal are earmarked for recovering families; donations will be made to a community business or childcare facility that have goals and plans in place for rebuilding. We do also offer strategies for helping these survivors identify goals and plans in order to create a stronger sustainable model for rebuilding.

100% of funds raised through Ride4Recovery 2015 will go to survivors themselves.

Once the immediate relief efforts are finished the process of rebuilding and recovery is really just beginning.

The transitions along the way are particularly crucial and ongoing support is necessary.

OGA for Aid’s history in Tohoku has given it a great deal of insight, understanding and knowledge into the complexities of community recovery following disasters. Long-term goals and vision is key.

O.G.A. for Aid is a non-profit, dedicated to promoting progress and advocacy of disaster survivors. In 2015 we invite you to help us create a better future for the children who have survived and for the families that must now rebuild their lives. By supporting Place to Grow –community outreach program(s) will begin to flourish.

Tue Jun 30, 2015
12:00 AM - 1:00 AM JST
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Imperial Palace
2,000 yen donation SOLD OUT ¥2,000
5,000 yen donation SOLD OUT ¥5,000
10,000 yen donation SOLD OUT ¥10,000
20,000 yen donation SOLD OUT ¥20,000
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Imperial Palace Japan
O.G.A. for Aid