The Digital Blueprint Revealed

(Learn how a 3-time dropout and ex-factory worker never had to work again when he discovered these secrets..)

“How a 3 time dropout, ex-teacher and factory worker who couldn’t hold down a single job for more than 6 months....

....Discovered the “Golden Keys” of business success that now enables him to earn multiplesof his original monthly pay check, by working only1 day a week, from his living room…

Without EVER having to get turned down at yet another job interview, or show up to work if he didn’t feel like it!”

Dear friend,

Does it drive you absolutely crazy that you can’t seem to increase your income fast enough year after year? I mean, we all have goals and dreams, but at times it can seem as if, when everything stays the same way in life, we are headed down a path of mediocrity. Some people call it “settling” for what “we deserve” to get in life.

Now, if you’re the sort of person who wants to just “settle for mediocrity” in your life, then this message on this page isn’t for you.

But if you’ve wondered even ONCE in your life, how successful people became successful without striking the lottery, then read on, because you’ll realise in a while that what I have to share will strike a chord with you.

Having coached thousands of people around Asia to achieve success, I’ve come across 3 things that most people “wonder” about. And these may just be the same things that YOU wonder about too, at least once in your life.

Have you ever wondered why, some seemingly normal people that you know out there, is making abnormally huge sums of income?

Or perhaps why many school dropouts have somehow clawed their way back into the success ladder and surpassed may graduates? (What’s the secret sauce?)

And have you ever dreamed of creating a second or third streams of income, and finally show the skeptical friends and family, that you too, can achieve what you’ve set your mind on? (I’ll show you in a while the challenges I’ve had to convince my own friends and family, in my pursuit of multiple streams of income as a business owner).

If so, then I hope you read every word of this letter because the timeless principles contained inside, changed my life, and could be the reason for your life changing too.

Hi, my name is Imran Md Ali. and the purpose of this letter, is to shatter all your beliefs about income and money- And why, when you’ve discovered the same principles like I have, you’ll find it easy, like a walk in the park as well.

But I’d hate to only show you the “sweet” stuff, and leave out the bitter beginnings.

In fact, my early life was a nightmare!

“How I went from dead broke, working endless shifts at a local factory, to working 1 day a week from my living room, and having multiple streams of income both offline and online”

Not many people know this, but I literally quit school 3 times- Once from Singapore Polytechnic, and twice from private universities.

And at the end of it all, I figured that given my lack of qualifications, the easiest job to land was that of a factory operator.

Well, I’m not complaining- At least I had a job back then, as a line operator, electro-plating computer chips. I made $80 per 12 hour day shift, and $100 per 12 hours night shift.

Some days, I’d feel hardworking, and would clock in 24 hour shifts, netting me $180. At that time, the money felt GOOD, especially since I had no diploma or degrees.

But I realised something after some time- I realised that I’d start work either at 7 am or 7 pm daily, and finish work 12 hours later. I hardly saw any sunlight at all, working this way. It bothered me that, if my life was destined to revolve around working shifts, that this was it.

And so I began to job-hop (You probably know how this feels like already)- I worked at a photocopy machine shop, doing mindless photocopying. I worked at a tuition centre, marking papers for $5 an hour. I worked at a direct selling company, selling ties, perfumes, and toys from door to door, and from street to street. I remember my own parents yelling at me at the end of each day to “get a real job”.

I also distinctly remember selling telephone wires at a table stand in Geylang bazaar. Most times, I failed miserably. Before long, I was jobless again.

Name it, and I’ve probably done it before.

But I tell you all these not to bore you or to gain your sympathy. I tell you this to share an intimate moment in my life, that you may identify with, and perhaps help you along on your journey as well.

In fact, one day, something in me just snapped.

I went from feeling indifferent, to feeling angry at myself. I mean, look at all the success stories out there- What makes me less deserving than them? Whats makes me inferior?

If you were there with me on that hot sunny Saturday afternoon in 2009, you’d have seen me furiously scribbling away on a piece of paper outside Han’s restaurant at the National Library at Bugis.

And on that piece of paper, I wrote down exactly what was lacking in my life that had caused me to stagnate in my life. I was adamant that I changed my life that very year in 2009. (And yes, I still keep this note in my wallet at all times to remind me of the principles of success)

And this what what I wrote- “Imran, you hold your own key to success- You no longer can depend on others, or fate, to propel you to greater heights”

Also, on that piece of paper, I remember writing “Step 1, Read as many books as I can on entrepreneurship. Step 2, find out what succesful people have done, copy them and I too, shall be as succseful as them”

That, my friend, was my pivot point in my life. Firstly, I decided to take personal responsbility over the things that happened in my own life. Secondly, I was devoted to studying how successful people became successful.

I discovered that the real reason why most people fail to start a business, or profit from one, is because they fail to employ the “walk-before-you-run” success principle.

Most people have the lofty ambitions of starting a café, a restaurant, a tuition centre, without really understanding what it takes to run a business. They don’t understand the amount of capital it would take to start and maintain succesfully a business.

I realised that before I could run, I needed to learn how to walk. My mentor called this the “Small wins strategy”. It simply meant that you should go for the small wins first before gunning for the big jackpot in business.

And so my journey of Learning + Massive Implementation commenced that very year in 2009. I started business, after business… And miraculously, every single one of them became profitable in 30 days or less.

My first ever business which is still running today was an art gallery. This lead to the set up of a 2nd one, a sports coaching company which has won countless awards since. Today, it is the market leader in schools.

After these small wins, I set up my 3rd business, in education consulting, which is Singapore’s #1 education marketing and consulting firm. Being the entrepreneurial spirit that I was, I set up yet another business in tailoring with a partner-

Today, I’ve been blessed to also have been able to start and run a business coaching company that has helped thousands around Asia to get started in entrepreneurship.

I know what you’re thinking… “Imran, where on earth will I get the capital to start all those businesses?”

Well, I simply used the profits from the first buisness to reinvest into opening the next one, and the next one…..

That’s just me. I like recycling my profits today for even greater gains tomorrow.

But the big secret you’ll learn from this letter today, is my newest discovery- Something that I wished I had discovered years ago…

And I call this discovery the “Advent of the Digital Economy”

Why would I be so interested with the Digital Economy when I was already running multiple offline businesses?

And that’s a question I get asked a lot, especially after I’ve given a speech at Mindvalley, on my system called “The World’s Easiest Entrepreneurship System”, and also my speeches alongside notable names such as Adam Khoo around Asia.

Here’s the first reason- On 16th April, I was blessed with the birth of my baby daughter. But 9 months before, when my wife told me that she was pregnant, I instantly knew that I simply had to find even more streams of income that would allow me to spend more time with my family. Now, I don’t know about you, but I think that seeing your family grow, is a strong reason to want to do well and be able to support them.

Here’s another reason- Despite running 6 successful businesses, I’ve been hanging out a lot with successful digital marketers, and I was blown away when they showed me in private, how much they were making each and every month, nearly on autopilot.

There and then, I made the commitment to myself, that I was going to do whatever was necessary to learn the same skills that these “inner circle” members possessed, that allowed them to work from anywhere and earn an income that surpassed “ministerial” salaries.

So I began asking around the internet marketing community, about possible mentors… And their answers surprised me. It seemed as if everyone was asking me to learn from this person that I shall call Mr X. Some called him Midas, for it seemed that whatever he touched turned to gold, from a profits perspective.

This mentorship did not come cheap of course. I had to fork out a mid sized 5 figures to learn from this person. But was it worth it?

The first ever launch of a campaign online netted me $11,475 SGD in 3 days.

Another launch netted me $2,995 USD or $4,100 in Singapore Dollars profits online, in 3 days, between 25th april to 28th april

$48,712 SGD for a few days' work doesn't seem fair....

I thought that was cool, until my mentor taught me even more strategies to make money online…. Here’s the result from my latest launch, resulting in $36,530 USD or $48,712 SGD. Apparently, there is no such thing as "fair" online- Money isn't attracted to fairness!... (This was a big realisation taught to me by my mentors)

I’ve been invited to New York in June 2015, to speak the United Nations on the role of internet marketing to alleviate poverty in developing nations, and to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor in first world countries.

The reason I show you these is not to “show off”- Rather, it’s to ask you to be discerning about who you learn from (I call this the Theorists vs Practitioners theory)

So the proves that I know what I’m talking about- I’m not another “all-theory, no results” speaker.

I’m merely sharing with you what works, and what doesn’t, when you want to make extra streams of income, especially online.

What if, for one day only, you too, had the chance to “look over my shoulders” and learn how I did all of the above?

Come learn from me how I’ve managed to add these streams of income into my portfolio, LIVE this Wednesday at Holiday Inn Orchard hotel

If you’re a willing student, I’m happy to be an eager teacher. Why? Because I am a believer of the “walk-before-you-run” principles in life.

The biggest problem people face when trying to make money online as an extra stream of income, is to learn how to “walk”.

Most people don’t even know how to do this simple act- Therefore, when the foudnation is weak, everything else comes down crumbling.

What you really need, is a map for success- A system that you can use time and time again, to generate income online. Don’t be surprised, if you begin to make an income online that surpasses your salary! After all, the internet is a still a “wild wild west” frontier that holds an abundance of wealth…. An abundance that you need to learn how to tap at will, and on demand.

Here’s what I’ll share with you during this LIVE event

How you can get started making money online in 24 hours, if you chose to

Why I recommend making money BOTH online and offline

My absolute favourite sources of traffic to generate these types of income

Learn how you can partner up with me in my latest business to achieve income breakthroughs

Discover the jealously-guarded secrets that most internet marketers don’t want you to know (And why I would want to share this with you- Hint: It results in a win-win situation)

“Only 12 more people will get to join me and my team as we reveal to you, step-by-step how we got started making a “dream income” online. I’ve already given out nearly all the tickets, so to be among this 12, you need to act fast.”

Get in right away by booking your FREE tickets above-

P.S: If this 3 time school dropout, ex-factory worker can achieve what he’s set his mind on… Just because he was lucky enough to get mentored in his journey… I don’t see why you should sit back and be denied of the privileges that the “inner-circle” crowd enjoys from.

To learn how I did all of the above and more, register for your limited FREE tickets above.

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