LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 Beginner

Age Group - 7 years and above

Calling out to all robotics fanatics out there!

Are you always excited about autonomous robots and

wanting to build one?

Fret Not! We are here to help!

This is an introductory level workshop specially design

to inculcate you with the fundamentals to the basics of

robotics and programming. You will have hands on

opportunities to construct the Robot Educator and

program it with the guidance of our friendly and helpful


Want something extra? How about program a robot that

is able to identify colors?

The digital EV3 color sensor distinguishes 8 different

colors and it also serves as a light sensor by detecting

light intensities. You can program the Robot Educator to

sort colors, perform line tracking, experiment with light

reflection of different colors and gain experience with a

technology that is widely used in the industries.

It's time to put your Robot Educator to the space

challenge mission!

With your knowledge in programming, help the scientists

to send the Robot Educator to space and collect rock

samples for experiments. Wait no more, your help is

much needed!

Join us this June holiday for a fun and enriching journey!

See you there!

Jun 11 - Jun 12, 2015
[ Thu ] - [ Fri ]
10:30 AM - 5:30 PM SGT
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Innovation Lab,KidsSTOP
2 day workshop (*incl of GST) SOLD OUT $250.00
Venue Address
KidsSTOP, Science Centre Singapore
Innovation Lab