起點 Start!- Solo Photo Exhibition by Olivia

In April 2015, I made up my mind to make my dream come true. My first photography exhibition. Numerous sleepless nights Countless focused moments When tired, only one thing in my mind My dream, made me stick to the last moment Thanks for those who helped me in my journal I hope You can visit my exhibition And share my joy! Date: 6 May 2015, 18:00-21:00 Location: 5 Harper Road, #02-01, Singapore 369673 (Near Tai Seng MRT) Admission fee: SGD 5 Gift: my photography postcards:) 2015年4月我下定決心 在五週內完成自己的夢想 舉辦人生中第一個攝影展 多少個無眠的夜晚 無數個專注的時刻 疲倦時 心裡只有一個信念 是夢想 讓我堅持到最後一刻 感謝在這旅程中幫助過我的所有人 我希望 你能前來參觀我的展覽 分享我的喜悅! 時間:6 May 2015, 18:00-21:00 地點:5 Harper Road, #02-01, Singapore 369673 (Near Tai Seng MRT) 入場費:SGD 5 前來參觀的朋友會收到我的攝影明信片:) 關於展覽 旅行的意義 日本諺語「一期一會」意為每個片刻在一生中只存在一次。即便同一群人在同一個地方再次聚會,也無法複製相遇時互放的光芒。在旅行時尤其深刻,失去那個剎那,變永遠失去了。或許人生中有好多遺憾,某個人,某次機緣,或某個瞬間。因此,Olivia藉著展示旅途中的影像提醒你,每一刻都是獨特而無可取代的。活在當下,沒有遺憾的活著吧! 台灣,我的故鄉 儘管四處旅行,Olivia總在尋求與台灣相似或投射的人事物。她以身為台灣人為傲,無論身處何地,台灣始終深印在她心中。越是旅行,越是愛著台灣。在海外兜了一圈,更能珍惜台灣的美好。2014年她開始紀錄她眼中的台灣,決定用鏡頭向世界展示台灣。Olivia說:「我今天所擁有的一切,都源自於台灣!」 About the Exhibition The Meaning of Travel The Japanese phrase "一期一会Ichi-go ichi-e" means each moment is always once-in-a-lifetime. Even when the same people gather together at the same place, the shine of rendezvous cannot be replicated. This concept is especially meaningful during one's travels. Once you lost the moment, you lost it forever. In life, there will always be such moments of regrets, be it with people, opportunities, or events. Hence, Olivia wants to showcase these photos taken during her journeys to remind you that every moment is unique and irreplaceable. Live in the moment and lead a life without regret! Taiwan, My Hometown Despite her numerous travels, Olivia has always been searching for similarities and connection between Taiwan and the places she has been, and she is always proud of being a Taiwanese. No matter where she goes, Taiwan is always in her heart. In 2014, she decided to showcase Taiwan to the world through her lenses. As quoted by Olivia, "Everything I have today, it all begins from Taiwan!" 關於Olivia 想觸碰他所看見的世界,她踏入攝影。 想體會隨性的生活態度,她戀上旅遊。 想訴說不能說出口的話,她愛上音樂。 想體驗多彩多姿的生活,她迷上電影。 2007年存錢買了第一台相機,第一次搭飛機,第一次出國,獨自前往美國打工,是送給自己的禮物,也是一場華麗的冒險。在陌生的國度行走,用鏡頭紀錄生活,用照片抒發心情,搜集陌生的微笑,捕捉偶發的剎那。 在追尋光影的途中,她愛上黑白攝影。按下快門的瞬間,時間凝結,悄悄地偷取微妙的片刻。一張紙,一枝筆,一台相機,任思緒奔流,任想像綻放。旅行,是她體驗人生的方式,也是她獲得靈感的途徑。她用敏銳的觀察力和獨特的視角,紀錄所踏之地,所到之處。透過攝影找到和世界溝通的方式,透過鏡頭說出想說的故事。 2012年11月,作品「問題」被選入Noise Pop 聯展,在Ngee Ann Polytechnic展出。2012年年底,她的新年新希望是辦攝影個展。直到今日,她下定決心要辦首次攝影個展,實現與自己的約定,象徵跳脫過去,重新開始的起點! About Olivia She wanted to touch a man's world with her eyes, so she stepped into photography; She wanted to experience a spontaneous lifestyle, so she fell in love with travelling; She wanted to speak in harmony, so she became infatuated with music; She wanted to discover the color of life, so she was fascinated by movies. Olivia bought her first camera in 2007, when she went overseas. The first overseas trip to the United States was not only a gift for herself but also a magnificent adventure. Wandering around in unfamiliar countries, Olivia documented her life through a lens, expressed herself in pictures, collected foreign smiles and captured fortuitous transience. In her pursuit of light and shadow, she was charmed by black and white photos. Once she pressed the shutter, time stopped and she stole every subtle moment in secret. With a piece of paper, a pen and a camera, she let her thoughts run free and her imagination wander. Traveling is her way to experience life and to draw her inspiration from all around the world. With her acute sense of observation and unique perspective of the world, she chronicles unknown places she visits. Through photography, Olivia found a way to connect with the world; through her camera, she tells her story. In November 2012, one of her photos titled “Question” was selected as an exhibit for the Noise Pop Exhibition at Singapore Ngee Ann Polytechnic; the first affirmation of her work in public. At the end of 2012, her new year’s resolution was to hold a photography exhibition. In 2015, she finally made her decision to hold a photography exhibition, which means she let go of her past and recreate a new start! WeChat/ Instagram: olicurious Email: olivia.liu29@gmail.com Website: www.behance.com/olicurious Facebook page: www.facebook.com/olicurious Event page: www.facebook.com/events/1598945613718510/
Wed May 6, 2015
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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