個人スポンサー YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2015

All Programmers Gather! The Final, The Best YAPC::Asia Tokyo! | エンジニアのお祭り!最強、最後のYAPC::Asia Tokyo!

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YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2015 個人スポンサーについて

YAPC::Asia Tokyoは主に企業スポンサーの皆様によって支えられていますが「個人でもスポンサーしたい!」という皆様の熱い思いを受け止めるべく、個人スポンサーも募集しております。


  • 2日間通しチケット
  • 公式Tシャツ
  • 個人スポンサー限定 特製タンブラー
  • 個人スポンサー限定 Tシャツ
  • 個人スポンサー限定 パーカー(サイズ S〜XL)
  • 個人スポンサー 一覧ページにおいてお名前を掲載(匿名も可能です)





  • 懇親会費用
  • 会場設備費
  • 海外ゲスト渡航費用
  • ベストトーク賞副賞費用


Individual Sponsors

YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2015 is looking for "Individual Sponsors" again this year. If you came here for a regular ticket, please checkout this event page.

What is YAPC?

YAPC stands for Yet Another Perl Conference, which an event held all over the world to talk mostly about things related to the programming language Perl. Perl hackers gather round to talk and listen to other hackers about things they are working on. Before you say, "Oh, it's Perl," just wait a second. While YAPC::Asia has its roots in Perl, this is an event where talks about other languages, and technologies are welcomed. It's a festival for all engineers! This year our theme is "There Is More Than One Way To Enjoy It!", and we will create an event where everybody can find a way to enjoy YAPC

Please check out the official site for details

What Is An "Individual Sponsor"?

YAPC::Asia Tokyo is made possible mostly by the corporate sponsors that support us, but at the same time we get a lot of individuals asking us if there are any way they can help us. To answer this, we are providing special sponsorship program for individuals.

Individual sponsorships start at 12000JPY a piece, and you can purchase multiple sponsorships.

※ Regardless of how many tickets (sponsorships) you purchase, you will receive 1 set of the above perks per transaction. If you wish to receive more T shirts and YAPC tickets, please make multiple purchases of 1 sponsorship.

When you become a sponsor, you get the following:
  • A Two-Day Pass For YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2015
  • A YAPC::Asia Tokyo 2015 T Shirt
  • A special limited edition YAPC::Asia hoodie ( size: S - XL)
  • A special YAPC::Asia tumbler
  • Your name will be listed under our sponsor page (you can also go anonymous)

What Your Sponsorship Will Be Used For

Your sponsorship will be used for the following purposes:
  • Social / Dinner fees
  • Airfare for our guests speakers
  • Best Talk Awards goodies
  • etc.
Note: When you buy a ticket, you are also invited to the pre-YAPC Conf at 6pm on 8/28
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Aug 20 - Aug 22, 2015
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東京ビッグサイト会議棟 (Tokyo Bigsight) 6F、7F
Individual Sponsorship Pass | 個人スポンサー チケット SOLD OUT ¥12,000
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