Bakers Anonymous

In Pursuit of the Perfect Halal Bake

***Special Appearance*** Dessert Table prepared especially by Chef Mimi Wahadi!
** Update: Makan Ticket Available! Only for those who want to come for the Chef Mimi's delectable creations. Entry valid only between 2pm to 3.30pm for makan ticket holders.

While going through our journey with halalfoodhunt.com, we have received many enquiries from bakers asking us about halal ingredients

☞ How come this nutella is halal and the other one is not?
☞ Can we use this particular butter that has no halal logo?
☞ If I change this ingredient, will it reduce the quality of my bake?

And, we have also received queries like

☞ How do I participate in Bake Sales organised by halalfoodhunt.com?
☞ How do I get featured at halalfoodhunt.com?
☞ What services do you offer for a baker like me? (with a shop / no shop / part time / full time)

So we thought, it would be beneficial to clarify all of these things in our talk!

If you have these questions as well, or if you have a burning question to ask Chef Mimi on how to make your bakes perfect, then you should be attending this talk. We probably will only hold this only once.

Each of us will be sharing useful tips to get you going on getting it right in terms of halal, in terms of the perfect bake, and in terms of using the right media tools for your baking business. Just remember, you don't have to compromise on halal just to maintain the quality of your bakes. As hard as it is to believe, there are underlying things that you should know about the ingredients that we normally take for granted in our bakes.

In this session of Bakers’ Anonymous, we are going to discuss about halal (and non-halal) baking ingredients, as advised by halal industry practitioner, Herni Fadlina. Ms Herni Fadlina is no stranger to the halal industry in Singapore. With many years of experience assisting companies to attain their Halal Certification locally and internationally, she would be the amongst the best people in our community to advise on the ingredients that we should be wary of. She will be sharing with us and advising us about knowing your baking ingredients - which ones are safe without the logo or with the logo. As muslims, what should we know about the current food production process, allowing us to better decide about what we consume?

With 17 years of experience as a Pastry Chef, Chef Mimi and the art of pastry making are almost synonymous. Chef Mimi is on a mission to bring up the level of culinary excellence in our community. In this talk, she will be discussing the key factors of making your bake perfect. And, what better way for her to demonstrate her pastry-making skills, than to prepare her own dessert spread for you to experience it for yourself! Budding bakers who are looking at baking full time would surely benefit, insyaAllah :)

Once you have gotten all the juicy bits, Halal Food Hunt will then share with you our trade practices in our choice of media tools, and how we use them in order to maximise our viewership, so you can increase your baking business too! On top of that, we will also be talking about how you can tap on our network and viewership to increase the reach of your halal food businesses!

To reserve your seats, purchase here ------>>>>>>>

Or, if you prefer, you may text in to 96265757 with the following format:
Payment can be made via Bank Transfer / Paylah / Paypal
We will reply with the payment details!

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Sat May 23, 2015
2:00 PM - 6:00 PM SGT
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Singapore Land Tower
Standard Ticket SOLD OUT $25.00
Affiliate Baker Ticket SOLD OUT $10.00
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Venue Address
50 Raffles Place #01-02 Singapore
3 minutes walk from Raffles Place MRT Exit B