KICKSTART feat. Datuk Vinod Sekhar

#16 Richest Man in Malaysia (Forbes 2008), President & Group Chief Executive Petra Group
YO YO! A couple of weekends ago, someone made a wild/crazy/overly-caffeinated decision and invited me to speak at a youth conference that featured the giants like, Marina Mahathir, Dr. Elizabeth Lee (Sunway Group), Datuk Noor Farida and Tun M (who couldn't make it due to some emergency but made it up the following Saturday with a totally badass session at MaGIC, but that's story for another day). I was on the panel on the Entrepreneurship track, and guess what, 30 minutes before my session, Datuk Vinod Sekhar and Patrick Teoh totally crashed the party and we totally rocked the show! Hey, having Patrick as an emcee and host was totally epic. That guy cracks me up any day! :D

What got me excited more was meeting Datuk Vinod, who was once nicknamed at Mr. Natural Rubber. Yeah, I know it's not exactly the coolest name for a superhero (and naturally as a male, I thought of condoms), but this guy's cred sheet is amazing.
  • Started a clothing business at 21 with $50 and sold it for $5Million
  • Datuk by 26 (and not the grand-dad kind of title or that his dog gave birth to puppies)
  • Forbes named him Malaysia's 16th richest man in 2008
  • Has venture shareholders like Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis (yes, the same coolcats from the Expendables) and Steve Forbes
Of course, he is without controversy as well, but if you've had some personal time with him, you can more or less figure out why. He's pretty direct, doesn't go around the bush (trims 'em) and loves poking fun at anything. So, with reference to the KICKSTART doctrine verse #3 section 5 - Haters will hate lar.

Plus, we at KICKSTART pretty much think ourselves as controversial too, but that's because we're compared to some very sanitised and gov-sanction events around town, so of course featuring Datuk Vinod made sense to us!

If you've read this far, you'll probably know it's NOT Patrick Teoh that's gracing the stage this month at KICKSTART. (But then again, he's known to gatecrash). A super hustler at heart, diverse international business experience, and a sprinkle of controversy, I present to you the KICKSTART speaker of the month, Datuk Vinod Sekhar! Come hear what inspired him to go beyond his dad's shadows, what are his plans now for Malaysia and the region, and also the chill and grill session where we get into the juicy bits your chef normally dare not put on the plate. (so hungry now...).

Grab you tickets now, and frankly, after 4 (FOUR) back-to-back KICKSTARTs with Singaporean or Singapore-based mentors, it's time to come back to home ground for a while.

Keep it awesome, keep it rockin'!
Thu Apr 23, 2015
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM MYT
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