[Tech Talk] Social Innovation: Repair Kopitiam

by Farah Hidayati, Sustainable Living Lab
The Buy-and-Throw-Away culture is prevalent in our society. For a wobble of a chair, or a tear on our jeans, we tend to simply discard them away. While it is easy to discard or perhaps recycle, we can still salvage the product by repairing it. In engaging in repair, not only is one able to hone his technical skills, he or she will find the value in objects as wells as learn valuable lessons in the process of repairing such as perseverance, discipline and patience.

Inspired by the revival of the repair culture and the many community activities from all over the world that involves repair, Repair Kopitiam was conceived. Repair Kopitiam is run as a community repair meet-up, whereby people come down to a designated space to repair simple items such as broken irons, torn clothes, wobbly chairs together, guided by specialists. This initiative is supported by South-West Community Development Council and National Environment Agency.

Join Farah as she shares the repair culture philosophy and her journey in putting her ideals of social innovation to work!

Tue Apr 21, 2015
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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