Japanese Language Kick-start Seminar ("Wa or Ga? Who cares?" -- Master 100 high impact phrases for effective business in Japan) -- Series of 4 Interactive Seminars with Japanese speaker Jon Lynch


Do you want to speak Japanese confidently in the right situations to make your business go smoothly? Then this short course is for you. Learn just the 100 most high impact Japanese business phrases, together with cultural tips and tricks to understand and remember them right. Maybe you tried some lessons and found Japanese too difficult, or couldn’t get motivated to learn all that vocabulary, or gave up years ago, and stuck to “drinking Japanese”. Try this new approach and soon be using power phrases fluently to get the results you want.

Did you know some of the top Oriental Studies universities such as Sheffield use Western instructors to get under- graduates through the core basics of Japanese language – because Westerners' learning styles are so different, and they want the lesson to be clear?

I’m a trained language and intercultural instructor with 25 years experience in Japan – and I earned my Japanese proficiency level one qualification twenty years ago, after five years of hard study, including a bunch of boring classes and textbooks, and even one school where the sensei went through the material so fast we couldn’t even ask them a question.

Well there are no dry grammatical or pronunciation drills in this class. And I’m happy to say I haven’t been trained by any official authorities in traditional Japanese instruction techniques. We won’t be using any of those! I think its fine to have a foreign accent, as long as your meaning is clear. And the working title for this class is “Wa or ga – who cares?” so I promise we’ll only learn the structure you need to remember key phrases right.

Mostly we’ll just interactively share and practice effective Japanese communication, with role plays, cultural discussion and having fun. We’ll master 25 phrases per class, with a month in between each class for you to try the phrases out and enjoy some self-study. In the middle of our 7-9:30pm class we have a break for sushi dinner and green tea.

We welcome all levels of Japanese speaker for this class: from absolute beginner to rusty lower intermediate level. Our school is all about peer-to-peer learning, so we’ll share hints about best ways to self-study or benefit from regular Japanese language classes. The 100 phrases are chosen for situations and role plays involving a new country manager with her Japanese team, or a local foreign staff joining his first Japanese company, and we’ll support your special needs. If you want to improve your Japanese for job interviews or learn for some project, we can coach you and together support your success.


The first phrase we’ll learn is a polite apology for leaving for home while your colleagues are still working! (Plus a bunch of variants on “O-saki ni shitsu-rei shimasu” for similar cultural situations) With each power phrase you’ll pick up about a dozen other words, so over the whole four month course you’ll probably learn over 500 useful Japanese words.


Advance price 5,000 yen/session, including sushi dinner and drink. Or ask for veggie sushi option. (Membership for 2015 is free if you sign up by Spring 2015) Please pay in advance on meet-ups or via Peatix.


We provide receipts. On day price is 6,000 yen/session. Optionally sign up in advance for all four sessions for 16,000 yen. (That’s 20% off. Free make-up lessons if arranged in advance)

Facilitator: Jonathan Lynch (CEO of K.K. Tsunago http://www.tsunago.net/)



We meet in J-Global Institute of Collaboration, by Yaesu Kita Exit of Tokyo Station, 7pm - 9:30pm

Workshop dates: April 13 (Mon), May 7 (Thu), June 4 (Thu), July 8 (Wed) …

J-Global Institute

B2 Yaesuguchi Kaikan, 1-7-20 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, T103-0028 (SMBC Nikko Shoken is 1F if you come from Nihonbashi station. Or enter directly from Tokyo Station Yaesu North Exit B1)

Email for information: jon.lynch@tsunago.net


Here's my talk at Roppongi Hills Breakfast about how to make Japanese management style more understandable for foreigners - and make a new synergy: (Scroll down to view) http://hillsbreakfast.roppongihills.com/event/volume_44


Bring a Friend Campaign:

Join our workshop with friends and get 1000 yen off - EACH. (*Mail to tell us in advance, For friend's first visit only ) *Receive this as cash back if you pre-paid.



From Tokyo Station JR. (About 2 mins walk)

(If from Shinagawa direction take front of Yamanote line train). Take Yaesu North exit. Walk straight and take the first steps down. (Between Shinkansen ticket office and Daimaru.) Continue straight in understood shopping arcade - passes under the street tour SMBC securities building at end of underground street. (Hasegawa Liquor shop is on left. chorizo shop on right.)

Take steps up into our building past doorman and small coffee booth. Take first stairs down to B2.

From Nihombashi Station (about 7 mins walk)

(If from Shibuya direction, take back of Ginza line train) Take B3 exit. Follow passageway down and up past Maruzen and come out opposite Takashimaya. Turn right onto street and take second right walking towards Tokyo station. (Walk past Hub, Big Echo etc and we are the last building on your left, with SMBC securities on 1F. You can see Daimaru /Tokyo Station across the main road. Take either entrance on your left and elevator or stairs down to B2.

Inside the building.

On floor B2. Classrooms A-C are along the corridor on right - opposite the bathroom. Classroom D (large conference room) is through an entrance hall at right of bottom of stairs.

Mon Apr 13, 2015
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM JST
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J-Global Institute B2 Yaesuguchi Kaikan, 1-7-20 Yaesu, Chuo-ku,Tokyo
Workshop including dinner and drink SOLD OUT ¥5,000
Complete series of 4 workshops, including dinner and drink (Free make-ups available) SOLD OUT ¥16,000
Venue Address
B2 Yaesuguchi Kaikan, 1-7-20 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Japan
DIRECTIONS TO J-GLOBAL INSTITUTE From Tokyo Station JR. (About 2 mins walk) (If from Shinagawa direction take front of Yamanote line train). Take Yaesu North exit. Walk straight and take the first steps down. (Between Shinkansen ticket office and Daim
Jon Lynch