ゴールデンウィークパブクロール!Friday Golden Week Pub Crawl!


Welcome to the Friday Night Tokyo Pub Crawl!

Tokyo pub crawl, has been held in Tokyo every Friday & Saturday, is a new type of event. It is also published in The Japan Times (article is located at the bottom)! The concept of this event is the "bar-hopping", "bar tour", "bar hopping". Participants met at the first bar, go to everyone three of four bars. To induce staff, everyone will move in one big group to walk from bar to bar. At a party can participate anyone, Meet new people, enjoy with my friends, it is a very good opportunity to experience Tokyo nightlife. Or a first-time participation, the students who want to know more details, please check all means because there is more information in Japanese and English below.

A Tokyo Bar Crawl is perfect for people who interested in trying something new in Tokyo, looking to meet new friends, traveling around and do not know the area, and just want to have fun and party! If this is your first time, or for more details about the event, please read Below for Information in English!

Important point of the pub crawl (English below):

Go to three -4 bars in ✔ overnight

✔ walk in one of the large group from bar to bar (staff will induction)

✔ last ending in a club

✔ get a welcome shot at each bar

✔ There drink discount overnight to participants (50% off)

✔ anyone can participate (alone, couples, friends, travelers, Japanese, people from foreign countries)

✔ at all it is okay to not speak English

✔ women 500 yen discount!

Map to meeting locations

How participation in the pub crawl (English below)

1. Do buy advance tickets and for a discount, and buy at the reception (no discount)

2. Check the set location (it contains useful map below)

3. Bring identification as when entering to the club

4. to the check-in to go to the meeting place

5. Enjoy!

Set location (Meeting Spot)

Frequently Asked Questions (English below):

Q. Is it okay to participate alone?

A. It is, of course, all right! Most people will join alone. The participants are all friendly. The kit towards the end have become everyone friend.

Q. How do I If you do not meet the deadline to set time?

A. is no problem even if not come on time. The first bar has about one and a half hours. If so later than that, we will teach you where you are if you can contact us.

Q. This is the first. It should continue to nervous?

A. I think you hesitate you can tension the first time. A lot of people I think so. But the staff of the Tokyo pub crawl, or talk to people, you can dance, drink Dari, is relax, we have focused on creating an environment like everyone to enjoy. Once you can not enjoy if, at any time to exit is possible, refund is also possible.

Q. Japanese, English, French, Spanish, do you have people talk like?

A. Participants will come from different countries. Especially a lot of people who speak Japanese, is the person who speaks English. Because there are people of many nationalities, you can enjoy while also cross-cultural exchange.

Q. Do you buy tickets at the reception?

A. You can buy. But advance ticket discount does not get.

Q. I do not drink liquor. Still Are you sure you want to participate?

A. Yes, it is okay. Specially will be provided a welcome shot of non-alcoholic. People who do not drink liquor will also be participating well.

Q. Is it okay to bring a friend?

A. It is of course okay. Please have brought anything people.

Q. Do you participate How many people?

Per A.1 times of events, it will join people average 75 people -125.

Q. How can I if you got lost?

A. It is almost never get lost. As a precaution, we will always put the whereabouts to Facebook and Meetup page. Please check the link below!

Tokyo Pub Crawl IS the Largest and Longest running Bar Crawl event in Japan . We Have pub Crawls every Friday and Saturday. We Were even Featured in The Japan Times! Participants meet at the Starting Bar, and visit 3 or 4 Other bars Together. We Walk from Bar to Bar in one Large group, guided by staff. Anyone CAN join , Making it A great opportunity to meet People, Have fun with Friends, and See Tokyo nightlife:. Get ready to Party!

Pub Crawl Summary:

✔ Visit 3 - 4 bars in one night

✔ Walk from bar to bar in one big group (guided by staff)

✔ Last stop is a dance club

✔ Receive 1 free welcome shot at each bar

✔ All drinks have a special discount for pub crawl participants (up to 50% off!)

✔ Everybody is welcome (singles, couples, friends, visitors, non-Japanese, Japanese)

✔ No need to speak Japanese

✔ Ladies get a ¥ 500 discount!

Sign-Up Process:

1. Purchase advanced ticket (discount) or buy one at the door (more expensive)

2. Check the meeting spot carefully. There is a map below!

3. Bring a VALID PHOTO ID for club entry

4. Show up at the meeting spot to check-in

5. Enjoy!

Common Questions:

Q. Can I come alone?

A. Yes! Most people come alone. Everyone is friendly and warmly welcoming to other members. By the end of the night, you will feel like friends.

Q. What if I can not make it by the starting time?

A. It's no problem. We will be at the meeting spot for about 1hr 30mins. If you are coming later than that, let us know and we will update you with our position.

Q. Can I pay at the door?

A. Yes! But if you pay at the door, you will not receive the advanced ticket discount.

Q. I do not drink alcohol. Is it ok to join?

A. Of course. We can prepare special non-alcoholic welcome shots for you. Not everyone who attends drinks alcohol.

Q. Can I bring friends?

A. Absolutely. You can bring as many friends as you like.

Q. How many people usually join?

A. Usually between 75 - 125 people join each pub crawl event.

Q. What if I get lost?

A. You will not. But just in case, we always post our location on our Facebook and MeetUp pages. See the links below!

--- ✄ --- Check out this article in the Japan Times! --- ✄ ---

For more details

More information about the event, please check the following link.

Social Media :
• FACEBOOK (http://www.facebook.com/tokyopub)
• MEETUP (http://www.meetup.com/tokyopubcrawl/)
• WEBSITE (http://www.tokyopubcrawl.com)

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