Hands-on "Edo-Sushi" Seminer

Japanese food culture enthusiasts, this is the event for you!

Japanese food culture enthusiasts, this is the seminar for you!

"WA- izm" & "Sushi Asaba" Collaboration Project

Hands-on “Edo-Sushi*” Seminar


  • Watch authentic “Edo-Sushi” prepared right before your eyes.

  • Learn many fascinating tidbits of knowledge: including etiquette, its history, and how to distinguish different types of sushi.

  • And finally, the climax of the event: the chance to make “Edo-Sushi” with your own hands, and compare the taste to that of a professional’s.

Fully Experience All That Sushi Has to Offer

Everyone loves sushi.

Delicious, mouthwatering sushi never fails to put a smile on our faces, but let’s think about it for a moment.

What exactly goes in to making it so delicious?

Originally, “Edo-Sushi” was created as a form of fast food in the Edo period of Japan. These were the days before refrigeration, so a number of techniques needed to be put into place in order to assure both freshness and good flavor.

Carrying on tradition, authentic “Edo-Sushi” restaurants take their time preparing their sushi rice and toppings with great care to ensure top quality sushi for their customers. With all the thoughtful effort put into each piece, it feels unjust to merely eat it.

"Edo-Sushi" preparation is a combination of both traditional and original techniques, but it’s also more than that. After taking a look behind the scenes, you will undoubtedly have a new-found appreciation for its exceptional taste.

It's time to discover the many sides of sushi's allure!

Rave Reviews Keeps Rolling In!

  • I had a blast! I came to this seminar without any prior experience, but with the thorough guidance of the chef I somehow managed to produce properly formed pieces of sushi with my own two hands. Later, we got to compare our own creations with the chef’s but there was an obvious difference in taste; I was left with a deep admiration for his professional skills. 【49, male】
  • It was a little difficult, but I had a great time. Everything was delicious! I’m definitely going to continue to try and put the skills I learned to use.【34, male】
  • I learned so much! I’m looking forward to sharing all the interesting facts about “Edo-Sushi” I learned. 【39, female】
  • I was able to take in and learn so much in the intimate, hands-on seminar atmosphere. I not only got to eat the sushi I made with my own hands, but I even got to eat the chef’s as well; it was a great deal all around! 【50, male】
  • I had so much fun! I was already an expert at eating sushi, but I feel like I now have some related stories and skills to share with others as well. 【37, male】
  • The whole process looked fairly quick and simple when the chef did it, but I realize now just how difficult it is to do so much in such a short period of time. I certainly left this seminar with a new appreciation for sushi chefs. It was very enjoyable. 【43, female】

Seminar Outline

  1. Hands-on learning course
    Observe & Try “Edo-Sushi” Preparation Techniques
    •Learn how to make sushi rice with rice vinegar
    •Learn to make 2-3 variations of “Edo-Sushi”
    •Practice shaping the sushi
  2. Fun conversation
    Round-table talk with the sushi chef'. Feel free to ask any questions you might have about sushi at this time.

“Sushi Asaba” – The Authentic “Edo-Sushi” Restaurant

Standing inconspicuously in Nishi Azabu, you’ll find “Sushi Asaba”.

Restaurant owner Hanawa-san mastered his “Edo-Sushi” techniques in Nihonbashi and Ebisu, and after managing Azabu “Sushi-Ten” restaurant for 3 years he was finally able to open his own shop.

Hanawa-san is also an international connoisseur with experience living overseas in London. This rare opportunity to experience a sushi seminar at a first class sushi restaurant was made possible by the combination of his dedication to tradition and his proactive international mindset towards new challenges.

“WA-izm” is pleased to present this collaborated effort with the mutual goal of “sharing the magnificence of Japanese food culture with the world.”

Watch the usually quiet and calm atmosphere of “Sushi Asaba” transformed into one of enthusiasm and passion as the owner pours his energy into the Hands-on “Edo-Sushi” Seminar.

You’re sure to leave with a wealth of knowledge and techniques from the best of the best.

* “Edo-Sushi” refers the usual sushi which was established in “Edo” period, approximately 180 years ago, Tokyo.

**Cancellation policy

  • Keep in mind that cancellations made after the above deadline are subject to full charge.
  • In the case of cancellation due to an insufficient number of participants, we will contact you by e-mail on the day of the deadline. Please watch your inbox.

Sun Apr 12, 2015
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM JST
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"Sushi Asaba", Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo
1 person SOLD OUT ¥18,500
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1cyo-me 4-35, Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan
5 min walk from Nogizaka station, 7min walk from Roppongi station
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