GAKKO 2013 Information Session


GAKKO is a six-day summer camp that inspires Japanese high school students to reexamine their education in the context of their own unique goals and motivations. At GAKKO, we question learning.

GAKKO challenges the conventional notion of school. The project aims to reform education on a global level by injecting dynamic discussion into a static institution. By embracing modern methods and interactive technology to approach a traditional knowledge base, we can revolutionize the future of education.

We have found that the true value of college resides in the people we meet and the connections we form. We learn through the peer-driven discussion, experimentation,and development of our own ideas. True learning can be found outside conventional classroom walls.

We believe we hold part of the solution, but as teachers (sempai: 先輩) we need students (kohai: 後輩) to meet us halfway. By departing from traditional roles we can reach a more practical understanding of education reform.

In August 2012, a team of Yale and Harvard students traveled to Naoshima Island in Japan to make the GAKKO concept a reality. Classes and activities were organized over the course of six days, culminating in a class taught to the sempai by the kohai. Members of the 2012 team will host this info session in the interest of encouraging students to apply for sempai positions next summer and to better describe the program.

You can see more on last year's camp here: http://gakkoproject.com.

See you soon!

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Tue Nov 20, 2012
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