Building Japanese Leaders in Gaishikei: Effective Business Writing Workshop (JL#05)

(Japanese and overseas business people welcome)

This workshop we'll learn how to make effective proposals and write clear, friendly, persuasive email which get results. (日本語は以下です)

Japan is going global, join us!  Let's develop clearer, more persuasive communication skills to help Japan's foreign capital firms achieve more in the local market/global community.

Learn how to:

1. Succeed in discussion – learn how to persuade managers and head office staff to understand and better match Japan's business culture and market

2. Show a proactive attitude that gets you listened to, respected, hired and promoted

3. Motivate your colleagues, bosses and staff to embrace change

4. Network with other gaishikei employees and managers, including HR, marketing, IT, sales and R&D specialists

5. Improve your language and intercultural communication skills.

This workshop series supports both Japanese employees in gaishikei (foreign capital companies) and their foreign colleagues and managers who want to help them succeed. Japanese have great skills and energy to contribute globally, but to do so more effectively they need to adapt their working style to the different business cultures of global organizations. We will explore not only how Japanese can learn clearer and more persuasive communication skills, but also how their global organizations can evolve their own systems to function at a more optimal level in Japan.

We'll also look again at our Productivity Book of the Month: “The Power of Less” (What do Gaishikei leaders think is the most effective working style?)

Japan staff can feel stressfully sandwiched between different stakeholders and working styles. For example, global group (inflexible global compliance rules and slower, poorer support) and Japanese customers who expect flexible relationship-based top quality service. Also, global policies may not fully motivate local sales and marketing staff. By persuasively explaining our situation in a win-win way, we can get their approval for positive change. We also explore ways to help foreign managers get their Japanese staff more engaged with global activities.

We share "J-Global" best practices, combining the best of both working styles to grow revenues and achieve targets together. The workshop is presented in both English and Japanese and includes methods such as case studies, research, brainstorming of solutions and best practices, role plays, peer-coaching, peer-supported launch of change projects, and other methods.

Please pay in advance via this Peatix site. We provide receipts (領収書)

The price per session is 5,000 yen (advance), 6,000 yen (cash on day), including sushi dinner and drink. Or ask for veggie option. Please invite any interested friends.

Facilitator: Jonathan Lynch (CEO of K.K. Tsunago http://www.tsunago.net/)



We meet in J-Global Institute of Collaboration, by Yaesu Kita Exit of Tokyo Station, 6:30pm -9:30pm every First Tuesday

Workshop dates: Apr 7, May 11, June 2, July 7, Aug 8 …

J-Global Institute of Collaboration, (Inside Yaesu Gaigo Gakko / Global Village Media space)

〒103-0028東京都中央区八重洲1-7-20 八重洲口会館B2 東京駅八重洲北口前 (SMBC日興証券)

B2 Yaesuguchi Kaikan, 1-7-20 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, T103-0028 (SMBC Nikko Shoken is 1F if you come from Nihonbashi station. Or enter directly from Tokyo Station Yaesu North Exit B1)

Email for information: jon.lynch@tsunago.net


Here's my talk at Roppongi Hills Breakfast about how to make Japanese management style more understandable for foreigners - and make a new synergy: (Scroll down to view) http://hillsbreakfast.roppongihills.com/event/volume_44


Bring a Friend Campaign:

Join our workshop with friends and get 1000 yen off - EACH. (*Mail to tell us in advance, For friend's first visit only ) *Receive this as cash back if you pre-paid.









1. ディスカッションを成功させる( 例:マネージャーや本社を説得し、日本のビジネス文化やマーケットをよりよく理解させる等 )



4. 他の外資系企業の従業員(人事部、マーケティング部、IT部、営業、R&D スペシャリスト等)とのネットワーク作り

5. 言語能力と異文化コミュニケーションスキルの上達







ご料金:1セッションにつき、前払い5000円(夕食(お寿司、またはvegetarian)を含む) 現金払い:6000円

ファシリテーター:ジョナサン・リンチ ( K.K. TsunagoのCEO http://www.tsunago.net/) jp.linkedin.com/in/lynchjon/






Tue Apr 7, 2015
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM JST
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B2 Yaesuguchi Kaikan ( by Yaesu Kita Exit of Tokyo Station)
Workshop fee including sushi dinner SOLD OUT ¥5,000
Venue Address
1-7-20 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, T103-0028 Japan
J-Global Institute of Collaboration, (Inside Yaesu Gaigo Gakko / Global Village Media space) 〒103-0028東京都中央区八重洲1-7-20 八重洲口会館B2 東京駅八重洲北口前 (SMBC日興証券) B2 Yaesuguchi Kaikan, 1-7-20 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, T103-0028 (SMBC Nikko Shoken is 1F if you come from Nih
Jon Lynch