Place to Grow

An Agriculture initiative where communities grow together

4 years after the disaster in Tohoku, what is happening?

You would be surprised to know that there are nearly 90,000 people still living in temporary housing units, and thousands more still have a home, but are struggling with work, family, and a future, living in towns that are still little more than construction sites.

In the aftermath of a natural disaster, the world watches the rubble and the drama, and everyone is moved to help.

It is in fact the long-term phase of rebuilding that is most severe; it is the most financially and emotionally overwhelming for survivors.

Families in impoverished or temporary living conditions struggle greatly due to the loss of livelihood, infrastructure and community structure. Children often turn to gaming and electronic devices to relieve stress, adults to drinking or gambling. With no room of their own, a lack of personal space to relax and “just be” is a need. The internal space they find through gaming/gambling can have negative side effects. Children and adults alike become more and more introverted and repressed.

Revitalisation is imagining what wasn't yet, it means devising new dreams, goals and livelihood plans. For many this task is both financially and emotionally crushing.

This is why we have launched 2015 program, "Place to Grow".

The dream of “Place To Grow” is to use agriculture as a medium of connecting the older and younger generations - a platform where two generations connect and knowledge is passed on to the younger.

This program would positively impact the local economy by also facilitating viable farming livelihoods.

O.G.A. for Aid's long term approach to observe the phase of progress towards development from an international yet local based grassroots organization is an opportunity for real solutions.

What people in Tohoku desperately need right now is unity, and generation connect, getting the younger generation involved and interested in the old ways as well as the new technology.

Our mission is to promote the progress and advocacy of disaster survivors through the program Place to Grow and its sustainable community building activities. Facilitating community revitalization is the core purpose of O.G.A. for Aid and its volunteers.

To do this, we need your help.

Your donation will not only help the disaster survivors in Tohoku financially, but also contribute to the revitalization of community, allow them to have a new dream and goal, and most importantly, make them feel that they are not alone in their long journey of recovery.

Please click the button on the right and donate to our program now!

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Thu Apr 30, 2015
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