How to Create a Long Term Passive Income - 5 Rules of Wealth


Do you know that right now, if you want to earn $10,000 a month…

All you need to do is to follow 5 simple steps.

And the 5 simple steps is what we called...

The 5 rules of wealth.

If you always wanted to create an extra stream of income to supplement your job…

Or you wanted to quit your job and do something that you love…

Or you wanted to start a simple business so that you can control your own finance and time…

Then I would like to invite you to get a detailed, behind-the-scenes look…

At exactly how Winston (Who discovered the 5 rules of wealth) rapidly took his eCommerce business to over 10 million dollars in revenue in just 1 year.

He has a very simple approach to running successful businesses.

And he has created 3 very profitable businesses by following the principle of the 5 Rules of Wealth.

- One business in the real estate industry

- One business in the retail and F & B industry

- One business in the eCommerce industry.

And in this free training, Winston will pull back the curtain and do a no-holds-barred case study on how he build his latest business with 2-3 products and went on to generate EIGHT FIGURES n revenue within 1 short years.

You'll also get to discover:

- The exact 5 process he used to transform a simple website into a passive income business that grows by itself.

- Why people who are trying to earn extra income are doing it the wrong way (See if you're making the same common mistake that most people fall into).

- Where to find products that are GUARANTEED to sell…

He will even show you the exact products that generated him 10 million dollars in sales and how you can copy him.

- How he tapped on FREE distribution channels and expand his sales to 30 international countries without ever leaving Singapore for any meeting.

- The simple way to get a millionaire to coach you for FREE (I'm not joking. There actually is a method that you can do for this)

- And many many more.

An opportunity like this just doesn't come around that often…

So if you want to see how you can take advantage of the 5 rules of wealth to increase your earning…


Thu Mar 5, 2015
7:10 PM - 9:29 PM SGT
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