Urban Farm School

The Growell Pop up by Edible Garden City presents the pop up Urban Farm School, a series of 6 sessions, held every Saturday and Sunday from 9.30 to 11.30am at the Growell Pop up. Combining theory and practical content that equips the urban dweller with skills to grow their own food. If you've ever wondered why your basil plant dies, or how to design your own food garden - the Urban Farm School is the right place to start!

February 21 - 22
1. Soil Science 101

Learn the major building elements of soil, practise soil testing during field work. Soil 101 introduces the basics of plant cuttings and propagation, teaching participants the methods to sowing seeds, and seedling care.

February 28 - March 1
2. Composting: Turning Old into Gold

This lesson to composting introduces the components that make compost, benefits of composting, and will also cover the mechanics of the composting system. Participants learn composting techniques and how to build their own compost bins at home.

March 7 - 8
3. System Designs for Urban Farming

The basic building principles of urban farming system design are taught in this lesson - various systems will be introduced and discussed - including hydroponics, aquaculture, and soil farming. Participants will get to understand the design process, and will learn to customise a system for their urban farming needs.

March 14 - 15
4. Plant Identification

A comprehensive lesson on plant taxonomy - participants learn to differentiate plants, read scientific plant names, and identify common and uncommon edible plants particular to our local landscape.

March 21 - 22
5. Learning Design from Mother Nature

This lesson aims to give an overview of design principles of permaculture - a design philosophy for humans to live sustainably off the land, and working with nature. Participants learn about sustainable farming, natural building, water and waste management, amongst other techniques. At the end of the lesson, participants will gain insights on how we can create healthier environments, culture, and people.

March 28 - 29
6. Food Preparation, Food Making and Skincare

Always wanted to learn more about brewing, or making your own kimchi? Get into the DIY food making culture by learning various techniques to harvesting and making sweet and savory preserves. Participants will also learn about the use of plants in skincare, and learn to make skincare products for home use.
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Sat Feb 21, 2015
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM SGT
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109 Rowell Road
21/2 - 22/2: Soil Science 101 SOLD OUT $40.00
28/2 - 1/3: Composting - Turning Old into Gold SOLD OUT $40.00
7/3 - 8/3: System Designs for Urban Farming SOLD OUT $40.00
14/3 - 15/3: Plant Identification SOLD OUT $40.00
21/3 - 22/3: Learning Design from Mother Nature SOLD OUT $40.00
28/3 - 29/3: Food Preparation, Food Making and Skincare SOLD OUT $40.00
Urban Farm School (6 weeks) SOLD OUT $200.00
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107 Rowell Road Singapore
The Growell Pop up by Edible Garden City