【講師】遠藤安岐子 遠藤コンサルタント事務所ディレクター、JAT理事



14:00-15:30 第1部 デポジション通訳の概要

セッションではDeposition 通訳に関し、以下の事柄について説明し、実習を行います。

・Depositionとは何か。何故、どのような状況下でDepositionを必要とするのか。全訴訟の  過程でのDepositionの位置づけ。Deposition通訳と法廷通訳の違いはどんな点か。訴訟内  容でデポジションは変わるのか。誰がDeponentとなるのか。Deposition 通訳がすべきこ  と、すべきでないことについて。Deposition通訳を探しているとき弁護士は何に気をつ  けているのか。エージェントに求められることは何か。

・Deposition 通訳を引き受けるか否かは何できめるか。承諾した場合の心構えと準備。


・典型的なDeposition Questionsの紹介。

        休憩時間 休憩は適宜とります。

15:30-17:00 第2部 ワークショップ


17:00 セッション終了

17:30 -19:30  懇親会 1号館「Cafe」

JATINT will hold the 4th meeting in FY2014 on Deposition Interpreting as follows:


   March 7, 2015 (Sat.) 


  14:00 - 17:00

Deposition Interpreting
Akiko Endo,
Director, Endo Consulting & Resource Services, JAT Director

Extensive experience as a court interpreter both in district and federal Courts on the East Coast of the US and as a deposition interpreter. Deposition experience includes: lawsuits arising from corporate merger/acquisition (plaintiffs, defendants, witnesses, and expert witnesses); personal injuries and workman’s compensation; patent disputes (plaintiffs and expert witnesses) ; divorces; inheritance disputes; ownership disputes; sexual harassment; and employment disputes.

Session 1 : 14:00-15:30   
Session 2 : 15:30-17:00   (including a break time)

The following subjects will be covered during the sessions:

- Definition of deposition and types of deponents

- Why is deposition necessary?

- What do attorneys try to find out or achieve from taking depositions?

- Are there any differences between deposition interpreter and court interpreter?

- Do’s and don’ts as a deposition interpreter

- What are the qualifications an attorney looks for in an interpreter?

- Before accepting a job, what should the interpreter consider?

- Upon accepting a job, what should the interpreter do to prepare for the deposition?

- Expressions that require special consideration when interpreting

- What are typical questions at depositions?

17:00  End of the Session 
17:30 -19:30 Get Together: "Cafe," Building No.1, Seisen University Fee: 2,500 yen

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Sat Mar 7, 2015
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM JST
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