プレビュー先着限定ノベルティ「TABF × Steven Alan特製キーホルダー」

日時:2019年7月12日(金) 15:00 - 21:00

Preview Ticket Pre-order Details:
Commemorative TABF x Steven Alan Keychains – Available for Preview guests only, first-come first-serve.
TABF Preview Event Time: Friday, July 12 2019, 3:00 – 9:00 PM.
Admission Ticket Fee: 1,000 JPY (tax incl.)
*English below

TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2019は、7月12日(金)のプレビューでスタートします!

It’s almost time to kick off the TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2019 – and to commence with the festivities, we will be hosting the TABF Preview event on Friday, July 12th!

10 回目の節目となる今年は、この春リニューアル・オープンしたばかりの東京都現代美術館に会場を移します。独創的なアートブックやZINE を制作する国内外の出版社、ギャラリー、アーティストら約300 組の出展者が一堂に会し、それぞれの出版物の魅力を伝えます。

当日は15:00よりオープン。本年度の Guest Country:United States を特集した展示やプログラムをはじめ、君島大空、折坂悠太、石橋英子 & 山本達久によるライブパフォーマンス(*詳細はこちら)も行われます。

また、当日ご来場の方に、先着順・数量限定のノベルティとして、Iris de Moüy(アーティスト)、Noritake(イラストレーター)、ホンマタカシ(写真家)による「TABF × Steven Alan 特製キーホルダー」を配布いたします!どうぞお楽しみに!

It’s almost time to kick off the TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR 2019 – and to commence with the festivities, we will be hosting the TABF Preview event on Friday, July 12th!

2019 signals the 10th year of the Tokyo Art Book Fair, and for this year’s event we will be relocating to the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo – newly reopened from renovations last spring. The TABF serves as a point of convergence for approximately 300 different local and international exhibitors of unique art books and ZINES – publishers, galleries, artists, and more – who use the fair as a platform to portray the allure of their publications.

The Preview doors open on Friday at 3:00 PM, and will be home to number of events that guests are sure to enjoy. Among them are this year’s Guest Country exhibition and talk series – with this year’s program focusing on the United States – together with live music performances by Ohzora Kimishima, Yuta Orisaka, Eiki Ishibashi, and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto (more details here ).

And for guests to Friday’s Preview, we will be distributing limited-edition TABF x Steven Alan commemorative keychains – created in collaboration with the artist Iris de Moüy, illustrator Noritake, and the photographer Takashi Homma. Quantities are limited and it’s first-come, first-serve, so come and claim yours while you can! We hope that everyone is as excited as we are.

*先行予約いただいた方には、もれなくノベルティの「TABF × Steven Alan特製キーホルダー」をご用意いたします。

*Guests who pre-ordered Preview event tickets will be guaranteed a TABF x Steven Alan keychain.
*Each guest will receive one out of three different keychain varieties. Please note that guests cannot select what variety of keychain they receive.
*Tickets quantities are limited to two tickets per person/reservation.

◯Artist Profiles

イリス・デ・ムウイ / アーティスト

Noritake / イラストレーター


ホンマタカシ / 写真家
1962年東京生まれ。写真集多数、著書に『たのしい写真 よい子のための写真教室』がある。 近年の作品集に「TRAILS」(MACK)、「THE NARCISSISTIC CITY」(MACK)がある。また2019年中に「Symphony その森の子供 mushrooms from the forest(仮)」「コルビュジエの窓(仮)」を刊行予定。現在、東京造形大学大学院 客員教授。

Iris De Moüy / Artist
Iris de Moüy is an artist who lives and works in Paris. She is known for publishing children’s books with École des Loisirs and has undertaken assignments for brands including Le Bon Marché, Hermès, Bonpoint and Air France. Her drawings have been exhibited in Paris and Kyoto, where she was a resident at the Insititut Francais Japan’s Villa Kujoyama artist-in-residency program in 2015.

Noritake / Illustrator
Noritake is an illustrator based in Japan, and creates illustrations for advertisements, publications, magazines, fashion pieces, murals, and other projects both in Japan and abroad. Noritake is similarly active in other fields of art such as in design and art direction, while also designing notebooks and other goods making use of his illustrations.

Takashi Homma / Photographer
Born in 1962 in Tokyo. Homma is the author of an impressive body of photography publications, among them including “Tanoshii Shashin: Yoi ko no tame no Shashin Kyoshitsu” (Fun Photography: A Photography Class for Good Children). Recent work collections include TRAILS and THE NARCISSISTIC CITY, both published by MACK. Homma has two new volumes slated for publication in 2019, “Symphony sono mori no kodomo mushrooms in the forest” and “Corbusier’s Window” (both tentative titles). Homma currently serves as visiting professor at Tokyo Zokei University’s Graduate School program.

 * * *

*一般会期 7月13日(土) – 15日(月・祝)は入場無料となります。

Notes regarding Keychain Distribution:
*Novelty keychains will only be available on Friday, July 12th. We will be distributing them on a first-come, first-serve basis at the venue reception desk.
*Pre-sale tickets are valid only for Friday, July 12th. Same-day tickets are also available for purchase at the venue.
*Admission to the TABF during the main fair period (from Saturday, July 13thuntil Monday, July 15th) will be free of charge.
*Those who preordered Preview event tickets but do not actually attend the event will not be able to claim a novelty keychain.
*We are unable to ship novelty items, regardless of the circumstance.

ノベルティ協賛:Steven Alan
Novelty keychains provided with support from Steven Alan.
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